OPINION: Trump violating the law by telling NFL players they cannot protest

By Nathan Williams
[email protected]

The right to protest is patently American. Our nation was founded on the principles of freedom and expression. The president started off last weekend by openly condemning player activists who have kneeled during the national anthem at football games. Calling them “sons of bitches” and advocating that they be fired, he set a dangerous precedent regarding the free speech rights of
Americans, especially Americans upset with an inherently disadvantageous system. Not only are the president’s actions unprecedented, but also  unconstitutional, immoral and illegal. (more…)

OPINION: Americans who take a knee are just as patriotic as those who do not

By Jaheer Jones
[email protected]

Kneeling is neither disrespectful, nor the point.

When something happens in the world, people view that and remember that occurrence through their own lens. Even when we try to be as objective as possible, we still live and perceive life based on our experiences. When things get controversial we tend to lose objectivity and just pick a side, but that is
often what derails us from the true issue, just as it has in this situation. (more…)