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  • HMML receives $4 million


Students fighting racial injustice exclaim “We Are One”

About a year ago, Preeti Yonjon, a grad student at St. Cloud State University, lackadaisically scrolled through her Facebook feed. It was then that she found an event created by a local hate group. She joined and found a series of posts containing racial slurs directed at St. Cloud’s Somali community. What happened after is […]

Senate helps fund upcoming OLC events

The St. Ben’s Senate had their last meeting on Sept. 30. The Peer Resource Program asked for an allocation of $2,345. “We have a large list of [on campus] events. One of these includes Applelooza and the BAAMF Film Festival,” said a student representative. The Outdoor Leadership Center asked for $1,550. The Senate allocated the […]

HMML receives $4 million

In many Middle Eastern nations, communities struggle to smuggle ancient manuscripts across nations and borders in the hopes to save them from war, violence and destruction. Throughout the past few years, the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (HMML) at St. John’s University has worked directly with locals in the Middle East and West Africa to […]


A Johnnie-Tommie to Remember

Though ESPN has left campus there is still an electricity in the air as students and staff return to their regular schedules. Thousands of rowdy students woke up with the moon still shining on Saturday morning to watch the “SportsCenter on the Road” broadcast that aired from Clemens Stadium. The whole nation watched as the […]

Coach Hess inducted into St. Olaf Hall of Fame

In the midst of her 13th season as a head coach, Nicole Hess has upheld a strong tradition — winning. The College of Saint Benedict head volleyball coach began her career at St. Catherine University, where she was hired as their first full-time head coach. “Seven seasons of coaching at St. Kate’s taught me a […]

Tough between the posts: Blazer soccer

The College of Saint Benedict soccer team is hitting their midseason form. The Blazers are 4-3-2 (2-1 MIAC) heading into the second half of the year with high expectations. With their non-conference play wrapped up and a strong start within the MIAC, they are looking to make another push for the conference title this season. […]


More than just getting coffee and running errands

When the academic year ends, many students close their backpacks for summer break, yet still continue learning through different internships around the country, and sometimes even worldwide. Through internships, students are able to get a taste of a potential real-world career and expand their knowledge and skills. Internships are acquired in different ways; some students […]

Sister, Sister

Picking dandelions with siblings is a common occurrence in the summer months of many people’s youth. Three sets of sisters were able to do just that, and more, this past summer while working for CSB Grounds Crew. Jenna and Jaclyn Bautch, Rachel and Tara Paulsen and Emma and Sophie Woods made up over half of […]

‘Black Mass:’ Strong cast, disjointed plot

Bloodied bodies are left strewn across the streets of Boston, a spree of carnage captured in director Scott Cooper’s “Black Mass.” Cooper’s crime/biopic catalogues James “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp)’s rise and fall as an Irish mobster in 1970s South Boston. Ruthlessness and violence pave the way for the gangster’s rise in the criminal underworld and […]


Remembering banned books week

During this Banned Books Week, many people have raised the question of whether or not we even need to celebrate it. After all, surely censorship and banning books is a thing of the past? It seems not. The American Library Association released their list of “Frequently Challenged or Banned Young Adult Fiction” for the year, […]

The trouble with the top Republican party candidates

Why do we continue to support politicians who have no experience in the field? Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and most notably Donald Trump are all running for the Republican nomination and are all polling in the top five. Qualified candidates like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich continue to poll behind the three aforementioned […]

Dealing with party culture

Party culture. It’s something that is present on college campuses everywhere. The media presents it as a rite of passage into collegiate life. But is that true? Is drinking and party culture an inevitable evil or something college students actually enjoy? The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that four out of every […]

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A thank you from the presidents

Thank you for your great enthusiasm and energy this past weekend during ESPN’s time on campus, as well as for the Johnnie-Tommie football game. With national television exposure and a record-breaking crowd at the game, the entire community was provided both a huge challenge and a grand opportunity. Suffice it to say, you rose to […]

Loss of break time a frustrating reality

As our fall break approaches many returning students are wondering where our extra day wandered off to. Instead of a four-day weekend including Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday with classes resuming on Wednesday, this year we only get three days and classes resume on Tuesday. Some of you may not see this as an issue […]

Our View: shrinking our carbon footprint on game days

Long after the last football fans left the St. John’s campus last Saturday, evidence of the game still remained. An empty vodka bottle, among others, sat abandoned near the outskirts of the student section. Crushed pop cans littered the grass outside Clemens Stadium. Paper plates and cups were left behind when their owners hastily exited […]

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