Injury challenges Blazers: CSB pushes toward playoffs without Newton

Injury challenges Blazers: CSB pushes toward playoffs without Newton

By Megan Dierberger – [email protected]

The St. Ben’s basketball team faced a drastic change when senior point guard Alison Newton injured her left shoulder during the Augsburg game on Feb. 8.

Newton is out for the rest of the season and will get an MRI during spring break to look further at her shoulder. (more…)

SBS provides free feminine items

By Marisela Weber – [email protected]

The CSB Senate now supplies feminine pads and tampons in women’s bathrooms for free—no strings attached.

St. Ben’s Senate implemented their free feminine hygiene products campaign at SJU in order to create peace of mind for Bennies while also establishing a “homey” environment. (more…)

Opinion: Truth is not as easy or one-sided as communicated by social media

By Luke VanOverbeke – [email protected]

What happened on the Link two weeks ago undoubtedly shattered any notion of the 2016 election as a distant reality. It isn’t however the incident itself that concerned me most, but the nature of the conversation that took place and continues to take place afterwards.

The fact that students here—I’m thinking about primarily social media here—were viciously attacked and belittled for expressing their take on the situation and related issues really challenges our campuses’ image as a place of genuine listening, critical thinking and inclusiveness. (more…)

Brew Log: Spilled Grain offers diversity of craft brews

By Joseph Mahowald – [email protected]

and Kyle Olson – [email protected]

Hello friends and welcome back to another edition of the Brew Log. We are building off of last week’s article where we highlighted a Johnnie brewery, Fulton Brewing Company.

This week we ventured about 20 miles south of campus to Spilled Grain Brewhouse in Annandale. Although Annandale is a town of only 3,289 people, they have some great brews that rival the beers coming out of big cities breweries.

Two Johnnie and one Bennie graduates are on the team that runs Spilled Grain. (more…)