Opinion: Study abroad groups can be alienating for students of color

This is a reoccurring column from a few select writers that will feature issues that pertain to CSB/SJU such as religion, race, gender and politics

By Stanton Charleton – [email protected]
Study abroad is one of the most celebrated aspects of CSB/SJU. Per last year’s Open Doors report, CSB/SJU has been among the nation’s best when assessing the number of students who study abroad. There are more than 40 study abroad programs at CSB/SJU and nearly 60 percent of students study abroad before graduating. So naturally, it was hard for me not to be excited to participate in one of the programs this spring.


Opinion: Jokes about PTSD are damaging, wrong

By Sophia Rossini – [email protected]
I wrote a letter to the editor for The Record a few weeks ago about CERTS signs and discussed the harms of rape culture and victim-blaming. One of the ways I described my experience as a survivor was being triggered by the CERTS posters I saw on campus. I sat on that Friday morning, watching my friend open the paper to read my piece, when she began to laugh.


Echosmith to perform at ‘17 Pines

‘17 Pines Q&A with St. John’s JEC Co-chair, Jon Blomquist, and JEC Concert Committee Co-Chair, Logan Pedersen
By Taylor Kainz – [email protected]
The Record sat down with Jon Blomquist (St. John’s Co- chair JEC) and Logan Pedersen (Concert Committee Co-Chair JEC) to talk about this years’ Pines concert and events.


ETL celebrates 10 years of social justice

By Lydia Glen and Mackenzie Horrigan
[email protected][email protected]

Think globally. Act locally. This is the mantra of the student-run organization, Extending the Link (ETL), which is celebrating its tenth year of creating social justice connections.

Since ETL was founded in 2007, students have worked to expose under-told social justice issues worldwide. (more…)

March Madness: Your second-chance bracket key

By Kevin Dudley – [email protected]

The first weekend of March Madness came and went with significant casualties. The top-seeded Villanova Wildcats fell to an under-seeded Wisconsin team. The ACC tournament champion Duke Blue Devils lost to a South Carolina team feeding off the energy of their home fans.

These upsets may have busted your bracket, but this is no time to pout. The field is down to 16, and we have given you a second chance with our “do-over” bracket. Don’t listen to the people who say it’s all luck, there is a method to figuring out the madness. Here’s the answer key for your second chance bracket.  (more…)