Student-police relations in St. Joseph raise concerns

Student-police relations in St. Joseph raise concerns

By Meredith Jarchow and Sean Kelly •

St. Joseph Police enforcement has more than doubled on weekends recently after residents complained about CSB/SJU student behavior. The number of officers on duty to patrol the downtown area and respond to callers has increased from two to three officers, to five to eight, depending on the weekend according to St. Joseph Chief of Police Joel Klein. (more…)

Opinion: I came out as gay and it’s okay for you to as well

By Nick Swanson

For the longest time, I determined that who I am was not who I wanted to be. I dug myself into a hole and surrounded myself with a fortress built on a lie.

For this, I did not accept who I was.

The truth is, I am gay. Fear caused me not to be true to myself. Fear of my family, friends and others I deeply respected would cast me out as someone different. That their perceptions of me would alter the framework of our relationship. (more…)

National Coming Out Day provides freedom

National Coming Out Day provides freedom

By Sierra Lammi

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, the nation celebrated National Coming Out Day to support members of the LGBTQ+ community coming out with their sexual identity.

There are many different sexual identities on the CSB/SJU campuses, and in honor of National Coming Out day four CSB/SJU students shared their stories of what it was like coming out to friends, family and members of the CSB/SJU community. (more…)

E-scholar students design and create their own businesses

By George Dornbach

Twelve student entrepreneurs from the 2016-2018 cohort of E-Scholars program have no shortage of ideas. Over the course of two years, these students have used their skills to create their very own businesses. The business ventures range from acne clinics, jewelry making, travel apps, film production and natural beauty projects. (more…)

History Column: CSB/SJU clubs have had a winding road

By Steph Haeg

October is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month. June is for Pride; a celebration of identity and culture, but October is slightly more solemn. The LGBT community’s history is long, troubled and sometimes violent and cruel.

And it’s no different at CSB/SJU. (more…)