By Charles Ellis
[email protected]
The SJU Senate was called to order for their meeting at 9:20 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 21. The first presentation of the meeting came from Brandyn Woodard, director of Intercultural and International Student Services (IISS). Woodard called the Senate to advocate for restorative justice on campus. He also urged the Senate to promote a campus that is focused on a feeling of centerness where all students have a sense of place and are welcome, rather than a feeling of one group or people holding power or feeling separated.
Next, the Senate heard from Abdimalik Hashi on behalf of the Army ROTC. Hashi asked the Senate to allocate $3,778 to reimburse a portion of the expenses for the Army 10-miler that happened on Oct. 13th. The Fighting Saints Battalion came in 39th out of the 103 ROTC teams present for the race held in Washington, D.C. The Senate unanimously voted to table the request because a St. Cloud State student’s cost was included in the total amount requested.
Finally, Senator Nick Swanson spoke on behalf of the McCarthy Center. Swanson asked the Senate for $750 to fund the first 30 tickets to the upcoming 14th annual Polidazzle Social on Nov. 19th. The Polidazzle Social is a networking event to give students a chance to meet with faculty and alum who are active in civic and political engagement. The funding would pay for transportation, food and the registration fee for those Johnnie students attending. The Senate unanimously decided to allocate the request of $750 to the Polidazzle Social.
The next St. John’s Senate will meet next Monday, Oct. 28, at 9:20 p.m. in Sexton 200.