Dear Editor,

With the end of the government shutdown hopefully in sight, I believe it is time to discuss The Republicans’ role in this shutdown. President Trump did not orchestrate this shutdown, but he nonetheless is the leader of a party that continually focuses not on governing but on obstruction.Republicans control every branch of government and yet they cannot govern. They have routinely stated in the past that the largest obstacle to their fully conservative agenda was Barack Obama.
But now they have the whole government under their control and have proven to every American that they have no interest in actually governing. Rather, they are a party that deals more in pandering to their base, lying to the American people and generally only being concerned with big business which sees America as a money-making endeavor, and not as a country full of people.
We as Americans need to see past this party full of self-absorbed, spineless, hypocrites, and use our voices in the 2018 election to finally say enough is enough.
It is time for a change. It is time to change our nation and pull it away from the special
interest groups and foreign groups that try to ruin this


Adam Schwartz ’18

SJU Sophomore