Dear Editor,

With the recent influx of sexual assault allegations, I have noticed a particular hypocrisy among many Americans when it comes to those who are accused. Specifically, those who would call for Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s resignation, but show little indignation at similar accusations involving Republican Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore of Alabama, or even the leader of the free world: President Donald Trump.

This is in no way a defense of Mr. Franken, I personally believe he should face an ethics investigation, and do believe his accusers. This is instead an attack on those who would attack Senator Franken but remain silent when it suits their partisan needs. Sexual assault is a problem throughout America, especially among those in power.

We need to face this epidemic, and choosing only to believe accusers when it suits us helps no one. It will only hurt us in the long run if we choose to selectively believe sexual assault accusations.

I would call on all Bennies and Johnnies to be at the very least consistent with how they handle these situations. We must overcome our political differences and help prevent sexual assault in the future.

We are all probably going to learn some nasty secrets about some of our most beloved people, and we must be prepared to face tough questions in a constructive manner that elevates our society.


Adam Schwartz ’20
SJU sophomore