Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to Diana McCarney in the Oct. 27 issue of The Record.

I’m surprised that McCarney, a college graduate, took the time to verbally attack Faye Williams’ opinion. I understand that this is a religious institution that doesn’t value abortion, but believe it or not, people can have differing opinions on controversial topics. Respect and listen to those that disagree with your beliefs. After all, those are Benedictine values, no?

I am pro-choice. I believe women should have the ability to choose what they want to do with their bodies. After all, it is their bodies. Why should their actions offend me?

Does this mean we encourage death? Absolutely not. To insinuate this, and go so far as comparing abortion to “good versus evil” and white supremacist groups, is ridiculous. CSB/SJU encourage diversity of thought, yet bar pro-choice individuals from expressing their thoughts. How does this institution expect our contentment when we can’t express our opinions?

I am not religious, so in my opinion, arguing over Benedictine values written
hundreds of years ago is silly. Should ancient writings really dictate the opening of a pro-choice club? Does that really offend people? Will the world end if a pro-choice club is opened? The answer to all of these questions, unfortunately, is yes.

If you are pro-life, that’s fine with me. But don’t verbally attack others for expressing their opinions. After all, this is literally an opinion column.


Jeremy Jahn ’20
SJU sophomore