“Our view” is prepared by the Executive board and should be considered the
institutional voice of The Record

By Meredith Jarchow, Sean Kelly, Brett Zallek and Nick Swanson

It’s that time of the year when students across campus are gearing up for Thanksgiving while simultaneously scrambling to finish up midterms and start final projects and papers.

Conversations on campus tend to focus around the excitement for Thanksgiving break or complaints about how much work one has to do.

While we are all human, and venting about midterms, work issues and various extracurricular responsibilities is therapeutic, it is important to realize that these stressors in our life are something to be thankful for.

When rattling off the long list of things we’re thankful for, most of us include the same things in our lists: family, friends, our homes and good health to name a few. But you don’t often hear someone say that they are thankful for midterms and 14-page papers.

To clarify, almost everyone is thankful for the opportunity to attend an institution like CSB/SJU. But when we say we are thankful for CSB/SJU we are often referencing the friends we’ve made, the events we’ve attended or the beautiful scenery that surrounds our campuses. What we are now referencing is the
education we are receiving as students.

When it comes down to it, the stress that comes with being a college student is unavoidable and not something to dismiss lightly. But we have an opportunity to receive an education; our reality is a dream that may never come true for others.

Whether it is a question of finances, poor education prior or familial reasons, some may never be able to attend college, even though they desperately want to. Even some students currently on campus have faced adversity to make their CSB/SJU experience possible.

While many of us get to go home over Thanksgiving Break, many students at CSB/SJU cannot afford to travel home. Our stress over tests are warranted, but also know that in addtion to stressing over tests, there are students who are stressing over not seeing their family.

The next time you are in the library until closing or preparing for three tests in one week, just remember that there are some people who will never have the same opportunity to receive an education or spend time with their families during breaks.

It’s easy to be thankful for things that make us happy and bring us joy, but we should also be thankful for the stress. While it’s rough now, we need to keep the bigger picture in mind.