JILLIAN SCHULZ • [email protected] • The new boat is currently housed in the boathouse until the ice melts on the lake.

By Erin Hacker
[email protected]

The CSB/SJU crew team has a new addition: a new used boat. While the crew rowing season ended with a finale regatta, or race, at the end of October, the team is focusing on future seasons. The crew board voted on purchasing a new boat for their team.

When choosing the new boat, the board had to look for the right brand, the right weight classes, and the right price that would best fit the team. The board decided on a blue and white Hudson 8 boat.

“Eight rowers will be in this boat along with a coxswain which is the person that gives instructions, steers and maintains the safety in the boat,” team member Amanda Kerkhove said via email.

Kerkhove was also one of the members who drove a total of approximately 2,500 miles in 60 hours to Washington, D.C. and back to pick up the new boat. While the team was excited for the trip, it also came with challenges.

“There was a slight learning curve when driving with a 60-foot trailer and navigating gas stations, but we figured it out and got in a pretty good routine,” Kerkhove said.

The team is excited to continue their traditions with this new boat. Each boat has a Latin name and is blessed by the SJU monks. The Latin naming practice comes from the 1980s. The team wanted to name one of their boats after the St. John’s mascot, but they did not want to have a boat called “rat.” So, they decided to translate “rat” into Latin, and Latin naming has been a tradition ever since. Unfortunately, they do not have this boat anymore.

The team is looking forward to naming and blessing their new boat and taking it out onto Lake Sag.