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By Meredith Jarchow, Sean Kelly, Brett Zallek and Nick Swanson

After months of buildup, the Johnnie/Tommie football game has come and gone. Despite the Johnnies’ loss, the magnitude of the event is something to
remember for years to come, and students will still be able to have fond memories of the game.

The CSB/SJU community has long known the immensity of the rivalry between SJU and UST, but in the last three years we have been fortunate enough to be able to share it with a wider audience via “SportsCenter on the Road” aired from Collegeville in 2015 and this year’s record-breaking attendance at Target Field.

The New York Times wrote an article “So Many People want to See the Tommies
and the Johnnies” highlighting the significance of the rivalry, even for former
Chief of Staff to President Obama, Denis McDonough (SJU ‘92) and San Diego Padres co-owner Ron Fowler (UST ‘66).

Being able to see the national media coverage as well as how many people came out in red and purple for the game was a testament to the event’s importance in our communities.

Most importantly, the rivalry reclaimed the Division III attendance record by more than doubling the previous record set last year between UW-Whitewater and UW-Oshkosh.

But now that this historic game is in the books, we look forward to the 2018 matchup. We look forward to Johnnie/Tommie coming home.

Once you get past all of the hype of having Johnnie/Tommie at Target Field, there is a newfound appreciation of hosting the game on campus. The
novelty of this year’s game was great to experience, even with having to look at the purple flags littering the stadium and fireworks to signify a Tommie touchdown. There is something to be said for the convenience of the many food and drink vendors within the stadium and the opportunity to visit Minneapolis for the weekend. But nothing can be compared to trekking up the hill to Clemens Stadium, cramming into the stands like sardines and taking in the true essence of a DIII college football game.

Tucked away in the woods of St. John’s, Clemens Stadium creates an atmosphere of college football and our CSB/SJU family that drew many of us here in the first place. All in all, while we value the experience we were provided with at Target Field this year, we look forward to seeing thousands of spectators flow into Clemens Stadium in 2018 for the 88th matchup against the

The beauty of DIII football is fully on display in Collegeville, and we can’t wait to reclaim the Holy Grail.

And let’s remember, the Tommies don’t even have a newspaper.