MADELYNN MOCOL • [email protected] • The new CSB athletic fields are for both intramurals and athletic teams.

By Shannon Govern
[email protected]

The weekend of September 16 and 17 brought as much excitement as it brought questions.

Much like the shiny new toys of Christmas to a child, the College of St. Benedict was given enough funds this past year to build brand new athletic fields for their sports teams. However, while the St. Ben’s soccer team christened the complex with a game on the new turf field, students and the community were left wondering about future plans for the complex.

Among these questions are the completion dates and general impact the fields are expected to have on the community.

“The athletic center building will be completed in Jan. 2018 and we can open our spring seasons with access to the fully completed complex,” CSB Athletic Director Glenn Werner said via email. “We will do a grand opening to the
entire complex in the next academic year.”

Junior Claire Roth is excited for the new fields to open.

“I really think that the fields will be a positive contribution to the College of St. Benedict community,” Roth said. “It seems like St. John’s gets all the fun stuff like the rock wall and dome. It’s time we got something cool too.”

The softball fields are on track to open in time for the CSB softball team to use for practice and games this spring.

“The date of completion for the softball turf field is Oct. 15,” Werner said via email. “The softball grass field has been seeded and we will determine the play date based on how well the grass grows in by the spring thaw.”

The fields will be open to intramurals, club sports, as well as the school’s athletic teams.

Werner hopes the recreational fields will be finished and play worthy at the same time as the other seeded fields.

“We think the CSB and St. Joseph communities will enjoy using and spectating on this complex and we expect all of us to have many reasons to visit and enjoy this facility for decades to come,” Werner said.

Both faculty and students alike are excited about the impact this complex will have on the community.

“I think this will really bring the community together even more at St. Ben’s,” Roth said. “We’ve always been really supportive of each other as Bennies. I think having a nice field that shows that same sentiment to visitors and the St. Joseph community alike, will push the school to a standard we all will benefit from.”