By Mady Johnson – [email protected]

Students looking for help with their writing will be spending a lot more time in Alcuin.

The SJU Writing Center moved from Quad 263 to the upper level of the library on March 13. Its new home is Alcuin 349.

The purpose of the move is to give students seeking assistance on their writing simpler and greater access to resources.

JULIA ECKART • [email protected]edu SJU junior Nate McKeehan (left) works as a tutor for the Writing Center. He meets with senior Colton Banks (right) in the new SJU Writing Center in Alcuin.

New and nearby amenities that students and Writing Center tutors now have at their disposal include a tutor office, IT services, a computer lab, reference librarian offices, ESL services and several group study rooms. All of these services were spread across the SJU campus before the renovation of upper-level Alcuin.

According to Writing Center Director Kyhl Lyndgaard, the transfer was in the Alcuin renovation plans early on, and has the full support of the administration and the libraries. Lyndgaard also fully supports the move.

“I always think of the library as the heart of any college campus, and so for the Writing Center to be right at the heart is very appealing to me as the director,” Lyndgaard said.

To help students reach the heart of the campus next fall, the Link will likely provide transportation to and from a bus stop located in the New Science Center parking lot behind Alcuin. The current, tentative plan, according to Library Director Kathy Parker, is to have the Link make stops there in the evenings and on weekends. However, as of now, no final decisions have been made.

Lyndgaard said that an added bus stop would encourage more students to seek help from the Writing Center next school year. He is also making adjustments to the way the student service is run to draw people in.

Currently, students sign up for individual tutor sessions online through the school website before going in for help at the CSB and SJU Writing Centers. Their usual hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days. There are also some weekend and evening sessions. Those are offered on a variable basis.

Beginning in fall 2017, the Writing Center’s day-to-day operations will place a greater emphasis on walk-in appointments. In addition, being in the library will let tutors conduct critique sessions in the open library space if there are no study rooms or tutor offices available at any given time.

With the opening of the Learning Commons approaching in fall 2017, CSB junior and Writing Center tutor Brie Baumert anticipates more traffic to the SJU Writing Center.

“I think it’ll be really beneficial,” Baumert said. “With more people coming through this way to get to the Commons and the coffee shop being added, I just think there’ll be more commotion and people will notice the Writing Center more.”

There has already been an increase in traffic to the SJU Writing Center since the move according to Lyndgaard and Baumert. However, it is unclear whether the increase is due strictly to the new location or because there are many more students writing essays at this point in the semester as well.

As far as the CSB Writing Center, that site will act as the more traditional location

Lyndgaard said. Students will still schedule their one-on-one appointments online and meet for their sessions in HAB 103.