By Sydney Haglund – [email protected]

The Joint Events Council (JEC) is hosting ’17 Pines this Saturday April 29, featuring events on both campuses.

The daytime events take place from 12-4 p.m. at SJU. Events include bubble soccer and inflatables on the Tundra. These inflatables range from an obstacle course, gladiator joust, bungee run, defender dome, archery tag and more.

“On the tundra near Sexton we will be having some graffiti art,” JEC Co-chair Jon Blomquist said. “Students can come over as a team and spray paint these plywood pieces and we’ll have a competition to see who makes the best one.”

Events will take place in Sexton later in the day.

“At 3:30 we will have a performance in Brother Willie’s Pub by ComedySportz,” Blomquist said. ComedySportz is an improv comedy group out of the Twin Cities. They performed at CSB/SJU two years ago.

For a punch, Sexton will provide a Pines special that includes beef brisket or a veggie burger with sides and a dessert.

The main event of ’17 Pines is the concert, which will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Haehn Campus Center.

This year’s concert features the band Echosmith with performances by Johnnie Blend, Element and CSB/SJU’s Voice winners Patrick Strom w’17 and Billy Brandecker ’18.

“Johnnie Blend is a new addition this year,” Blomquist said. “Element will be returning. They’ve always been welcomed and people have really enjoyed having them there, and then we’ll continue the tradition of having the Voice winners there as well.”

There will be a free mac and cheese bar available to students following the concert.

Choosing an artist to perform at Pines is a yearlong process. At the end of Welcome Week, a week during the fall to welcome First Year students to campus, students take a survey that asks about events for the current or future years.

“One of the questions that we’ll typically ask is if we are to have some sort of concert [is] what genres are you interested in,” Blomquist said. “Students will respond with their genres and we work with a middle agent.”

The middle agent speaks with additional agents and representatives to find the different types of bands and artists who are available that weekend, what their prices are and if there is a possibility of getting a better deal on the band or artist.

“I think something else to point out is that this is the first time too in several years that the lead singer is a woman,” Associate Director of Programming and Orientation Lacey Solheid said. “One of the main goals for this year was to find a performer or a band that had a female lead.”

The weekend of Pines is scheduled two years in advance, making it difficult to coordinate schedules with artists.

“If they’re unavailable that weekend, even if they’re in the price range and everybody wants them to come, there is nothing we can do,” Blomquist said. “We can’t move Pines.”

Another factor considered when choosing the artist is the risk involved.

“There are some that could be on the list and could be available, but there’s a potential for another event to take precedence over ours, and in that situation they would cancel,” Solheid said. “There are so many factors when trying to figure out who is available and who can come.”

“Pines is an opportunity to celebrate another year coming to an end,” Blomquist said. “Everybody, especially around this time of year, is stressed out and has a lot of stuff going on, so it’s super cool to be able to go to something and just celebrate and enjoy it with your friends.”