By Joseph Mahowald and Kyle Olson
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Welcome back to another establishment of the Brew Log. This is our second to last article and we are happy to share another beer with you. We hope your pallets are rested and ready for this week’s beer, a light and favorable brew with a smooth finish.

This week we are sampling the Migration Blonde Ale from Bad Weather Brewing Company. This is rather fitting, given the very Minnesota spring weather we experienced this past week.

Bad Weather Brewing Company is located in St. Paul, but it actually got its start in Minnetonka. Bad Weather began brewing at Lucid’s Brewing through an alternating proprietorship, which allows for two or more breweries to use the same brewing facility while they pool assets for the infrastructure costs. The idea is that the separate breweries can save capital for their own space in the future.

And that is just what Bad Weather did. In 2014, they bought property on West 7th Street in St. Paul for their own brewery.

Joe Giambruno and Zac Carpenter are the co-founders of Bad Weather and their move to St. Paul makes them the neighborhood brewery, an aspiration of theirs from the beginning. The brewhouse offers an ample open space for visitors and with tap lineup constantly changing. There will always be a new creation in one of their pint glasses.

The Migration Blonde Ale has nice floral scent that goes well with the intense golden pour of the beer. This beer has an inviting color that is slightly darker than other Blonde Ales. Also, the Migration Blonde Ale offers a taste that is not common among most beers of this style. It is not overly malty and offers a smooth and filling aftertaste. With 37 IBUs, this beer has a higher hop content than similar beers and we appreciated the fruity flavors they brought out.

This is Joe speaking candidly here, and I have to say that this is the best Blonde Ale I have had. I appreciated the fuller body of the beer and a decreased maltiness.

The American Blonde Ale is a younger style of beer that has roots in the German Kölsch beer. The Kölsch is a twist on the popular German Lager, famed for its pale color and malty taste. The lager and Kölsch made their way to America and rapidly grew in popularity, overtaking the more common English Ales. America was, and still is, in the process of a craft beer and brewing revolution.

To appeal to the consumers of popular American Pilsners, breweries created an adaption of the Kölsch style to introduce the mass market to craft beer. After helping transition the market, the style has only continued to grow in appreciation. The American Blonde Ale is now a staple brew found at many large breweries across the country such as Kona, New Belgium and Deschutes Brewery.

All in all, this beer enhances what a Blonde Ale can be. Bad Weather is well on their way to becoming established in the greater Minnesota brewery scene. We highly recommend visiting this brewery if you have the chance as it is a great neighborhood place with high quality brews.

Drink responsibly, CSB/SJU.