By Sierra Lammi – [email protected]

This year’s Pines concert ticket sales have been lagging behind compared to years in the past. This year the Joint Events Council (JEC) worked for months to book Echosmith for the concert and put on other events for Saturday.

Immediately upon release of the Pines performers, the ticket sales were slightly lower than they have been in years past.  However, it seems that things may be back on track and ticket sales will stabilize to the level that they usually are. Co-chair of JEC Jon Blomquist thinks the initial lull in ticket sales may have something to do with how the Pines artist was revealed.

“Last year we had a larger build up to the Pines release which got more people excited and probably led to more initial ticket sales,” Blomquist said. “This year we just released it to kind of catch people off-guard. We thought that maybe this would be a good idea, but ticket sales-wise it didn’t have that same effect right away.”

However, as the date of the concert gets closer, ticket sales are catching up to levels seen in years past. Associate Director of Programming and Orientation Lacey Solheid has noticed some trends in student ticket sales since she began her position this past December.

“A lot of the times students don’t want to commit to something so far in advance. We generally get a good chunk of ticket sales from the day of,” Solheid said. “The school year is hectic right now, and people kind of procrastinate on buying tickets, but we should have a large number of tickets sold this week.”

JEC has been promoting and advertising ’17 Pines to students for weeks. Blomquist describes social media, tabling and even knocking on doors in residence halls as effective means used this year for marketing. However, JEC has spent more than the last few weeks working on ’17 Pines; they have been at it for most of the year. Ever since a survey was sent out to students after Welcome Week in the fall asking which genre of music is preferred, JEC went to work trying to book musicians to match what students asked for.

“Booking is a very difficult thing, and it takes months to finalize a contract with the artist,” Blomquist said. “We can’t reveal who is performing until after the contract is finalized.”

As the concert approaches on Saturday, members of JEC are gearing up for the work ahead. Blomquist described working until 1 a.m. the night of the concert to assist with cleanup and stage take down, and Solheid expressed her appreciation for all of the students who have been working to make Pines happen.

“This is one of the bigger events that I have helped with, but the students have really done a lot of the work,” Solheid said. “They have been integral in planning everything. We wouldn’t have an event without their hard work.”

GRAPHIC BY JILLIAN SCHULZ • [email protected]