Artwork submitted by CSB/SJU student artists. To have your work featured in the paper, please email a photo of the piece and a 100-200 word statement about your art to The Record at [email protected]

Bridget Davis
CSB Junior
Art Major, English Major

This painting is titled Before the Execution. The painting is of a lilac bush I photographed a few months before it was scheduled to be destroyed.

My work is mainly drawing, painting and photography. Recently, I have been dismantling books from the thrift store and making paintings on the torn-out pages. I have been working on making artwork that combines different pages of these into larger artworks. In my paintings, I am currently exploring the combination between infocus and blurry parts of an image. I like how the background of a photograph becomes dotted when the camera focuses on close-up objects. I often find the dots to be mysterious, becoming more interesting than the subject in the foreground.

One of my most common subjects is peonies, which I enjoy painting because of their exuberant petals seems to be bursting with life and energy. Much of my work aims to highlight the fantasy of nature, challenging our view of what nature means to us, and hopefully encouraging the viewer to preserve the beautiful natural world that we are quickly depleting.

Cathy Nguyen
CSB First-year
Art Education Major

My name is Cathy Nguyen, and I’m a first year from Stafford, Virginia. I am majoring in Art Education to become an elementary school art teacher. I didn’t realize I wanted to pursue a career in the art field, until I created this hand sculpture. The artwork is from a project I did during my senior year in high school. I crossed my fingers and wrapped my hand in plaster gauze. Then, I covered my hand with the paint.

The painting was inspired by Leonid Afremov who uses bright colors in his oil paintings. He likes to layer various colors and embrace the brushstrokes he makes which is why I like his work. I chose a path lined with street lamps because it looks like a bright path to the future. The fingers on the hand are crossed for luck, so the entire piece symbolizes luck for the future.



Sara Laufers
CSB First-year
Undecided Major

My experience with art in the past is numerous and rewarding. Through my drawings, I wish to inspire people around me. People’s surprised responses encourage me to continue my love of art. Animation and speed-drawing videos also inspire me to draw. I have studied art at the Art Academy in St. Paul Minnesota where I learned to draw with ink and paint. In addition, I have made artwork using stained glass. Now, I am teaching myself how to create artwork on the computer through a tablet.

This pencil drawing is one of my recent artworks. It was inspired through the quote “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” (by the Greek Philosopher, Plato). My interpretation of this quote is that everyone has their own perception of what defines beauty. Thus, whether an artwork is good or bad, the feelings, passions how the artists create their work are the most important aspects of art.