Dear Editor,

The CSB and SJU Senates will hold their elections in one week. As president of the St. John’s Senate and a person who has been on the Senate for four years, the impact Senate has had on me will be one I will always cherish after graduating from this place. Senate has helped me to not only become a better student, but instill a deeper passion for leadership.

If you are a person that possesses leadership, want to grow as a person, meet new people, work with administration, serve the student body and make lasting friends, I would encourage you to run for Senate.

Both CSB and SJU Senates have worked to ensure the best experience for Bennies and Johnnies by doing things that are noticeable, doing not-so-noticeable things, and doing things that are little but make a big difference.

If you are thinking of running trust me when I say that you will not regret the experience of running for student senate and the experience of being a senator. Do not miss out on the opportunity to serve, lead and represent the student body.

Ramond Mitchell ‘17
SJU senior