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The typical student on campus probably doesn’t know there’s such a thing as a “newspaper convention.” They’d probably think it sounds kind of nerdy. They might even wonder who the heck would go to such a thing.

Well, we did.

Last weekend, The Record staff traveled to Minneapolis to compete against other college papers in the Associate Collegiate Press (ACP) Best of the Midwest Convention. We gathered with college journalists from the Midwest and participated in breakout sessions, keynote speakers, some classic “team bonding” and even toured the rooftop of WCCO.

Also, (to toot our own horn a bit) we took home eight awards. We placed in categories such as “best news story,” “best feature story,” “best news photo” and “best page design.”

Sure, there are parts of the newspaper we’re sure the typical student doesn’t notice when they pick it up on any given Friday, but it’s often what keeps us in the office so late on our Wednesday production nights.

Since CSB/SJU doesn’t have a specific journalism program or design program, a lot of what we do is learned on the job. When joining the staff, most of us don’t have experience in interviewing, investigative journalism, copy editing, graphic creation or page design. This conference, which we take our staff to every year, is often the only professional training or advice we receive (aside from the constant help and support we get from our adviser, Kelly Smith–reporter for the Star Tribune) in these areas.

The breakout sessions and informational presentations teach us new things about the industry and energize us to bring these skills back to our own newspaper. We love what we do at The Record–make a newspaper, be
journalists, tell stories and inform the student body.

We hold ourselves to high standards and ACP is a good reminder of what it means to reach those standards.

Every Wednesday afternoon our staff of 12 piles into our office–across from the post office in Guild Hall. This is where we strive to create innovative stories and design. And we stay in the office until we’re done–all done, no matter what time it is. Like, 4 a.m. kind of done.

The Record proved it could do just that when we took home eight awards for eight separate categories.

We’re proud of our peers–not just of those on staff–but the dedicated student writers and photographers who we rely on to create the newspaper you’re currently holding.