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Ice fishing season lives on

Dear Editor,

Some people who have recently jogged or drove past Lake Sag have to be wondering, “What are those idiots doing out on the ice, its 50 degrees?” Well I am here to tell you this is the most enjoyable time to go ice fishing. Wearing t-shirts ice fishing, nothing beats that. Most lakes still have close to three feet of ice on them, thanks to the never ending “polar-vortex” that enveloped us the entire winter. Being an avid outdoorsman I have had a neverending case of cabin fever this winter. You can bet that when the weather heats up and the sun is shining, I am going fishing.

As of right now those who are considering going ice fishing there are a few key things to remember. The first and foremost is safety. As the sun angle continues to get stronger, the ice will weaken and eventually become unsafe. Never risk your life for a fish. Going with some buddies is a good safety precaution. The only open season right now is for pan fish, which includes crappies and sunfish. Walleyes, northern and bass closed weeks ago and won’t open up for a while. Also your licenses from last year are no longer valid; they expired at the end of February, which means if you’re going to fish you need a new license. If you love to ice fish don’t write off the late season, just remember to be safe doing so. Tight lines, friends.

Hank Brown
SJU senior

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