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CSB Ultimate Frisbee nationals bound


The CSB Ultimate Frisbee teams poses with their coaches after playing in the Frozen River Valley Open in Mankato over the weekend of March 30-31. | Courtesy of Kaylee Mathews

For the first time in the history of CSB Ultimate Frisbee, the Blazers will be representing the college at nationals on May 18-19 in Milwaukee, Wisc.

As with all current spring sports, the team has been struggling to have quality practice time due to weather and field conditions. The team aims for practicing three times per week for two hours at a time.

“We battle for space in the HCC along with intramurals, lacrosse and other clubs,” junior captain Kaylee Mathews said. “It’s been awful not being able to get outdoors. We’re big lovers of green grass, and we haven’t seen any of that this season. It’s tough transitioning from practicing inside all the time and then playing in tournaments outside, but we’ve become used to the wind, rain, snow, mud and slush being a team from Minnesota.”

The team, officially named the Bad Habits, has a current record of 14-2. They placed ninth out of 32 teams at the Chicago Invite and placed first at the Frozen Valley Open in Mankato. At the end of the regular season they ranked No. 6 in the women’s DIII division. The team then played in the conference/regionals tournament and placed second after a loss to Carleton; however, they were still able to secure a bid to nationals.

“Our team set a goal at the beginning of our spring season, and that was to battle our way to nationals and we accomplished that goal,” Mathews said. “This is history in the making for the CSB Ultimate Frisbee team. I’ve been so proud and so impressed by the work our team has put in this season and the goals we’ve accomplished along the way. We’re so excited to get to nationals and play against the best DIII women’s teams from all different regions.”

Although weather has not been ideal, the Bad Habits are still practicing with the same intensity and dedication as they would be outdoors.

“We’re preparing for nationals by practicing like we always do,” Mathews said. “We’re just cleaning up the loose ends and pushing ourselves to be the best we can be by the time nationals rolls around. We’re all about focus these next few weeks and becoming stronger physically and mentally as a team. We still have practice three times a week and are encouraging everyone on the team to stay in shape, stay healthy and toss as much as possible.”

Since this is the first time CSB Ultimate Frisbee will be attending nationals, they are unsure of what to expect. In total, 16 teams will be competing for the national title.

“We are in it to win it,” senior Hannah Vanderheyden said. “We will be playing the best 16 DIII teams in the nation, and it won’t be easy, but I know that our team is up to it as long as we stay focused.”

In the weeks leading up to the national tournament, the team plans to continue practicing and keeping a positive mentality.

“We’re excited to hopefully face Carleton again sometime that weekend, as we have a little rivalry going on,” Mathews said. “The team as a whole is just excited to get to nationals and show the other teams what we’re made of and what we can do. The mentality we like to go in with when we play in tournaments is not to think about what team we’re playing, what their record is or what their reputation is – we just think of them as other girls, in jerseys, ready to play ultimate frisbee just like us.”

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