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Respect Others

Our goal as students, and even as staff and administration, at a place like CSB/SJU is not to learn what to think, but how to think. In the past week or so, we have noticed that there are some who often seem to want to bring down this mission with criticism and cynicism.–Remember the respect owed to each other as Johnnies and Bennies in keeping with the tradition of these two great schools. For just as we watched and learned from those who came from this place before us, so too will those who come after us.

It’s a phrase that seems to have been on the tip of every politician’s tongue this election season — somebody who is successful is able to “reach across the aisle” and solves problems with those who disagree with them. Why, then, if this is such a quality trait of a successful person, do most college students seem to not adopt this philosophy?

In the wake of the election, it seems that there are those who are content to foster helpful, though sometimes critical or disagreeing, discourse in a manner keeping with students at a liberal arts college. Then, there are students, who perhaps lacking in sleep, caffeine or some combination of the two, would rather denigrate the efforts and beliefs of others rather than provide useful, insightful criticism.

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