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Accessing printing inquiries

Dear Editor,

As the end of the semester draws near and our numerous papers and projects force us to hit the print button, you must be wondering about that looming printing limit we all worry about going over. Not wanting to accumulate charges, it is a constant battle — to print or not to print.

The printing policy allows us to print 830 double-sided sheets, a number we technically should not hit, but it is not as if we have been counting. No fear, there is a quick and easy way to check that paper count. Simply log onto a CSB/SJU computer, show more icons by pressing the little, white arrow in the right-hand corner, click on the printer and there you have it — your printing balance.

Seems easy? It is. If you are getting close to zero, that is where our Strategic Communication Campaign comes in. As part of our Communication 346 class, we created a webpage specifically for the printing policy, aimed primarily at faculty and staff and how they can help students reduce printing. Included on the page is a simplified guide to the printing policy, complete with rates for printing, printing savings updates and a weekly printing tip from our very own faculty members. If our campaign is successful, it is our hope that faculty continue to work with us as students to print more responsibly, so not only are our printing accounts seeing the benefit, but the environment as a whole.


Anna Martin, Tara Kranz, Lauren Herzog and Kevin Brennhofer


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