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Humans VS. Zombies

Last week, the campuses of CSB/SJU were transformed into a battle ground for Humans vs. Zombies. Sponsored by the Joint Events Council (JEC), the game was a modern twist on an old childhood classic known as “sock-tag.”

“I got the idea from friends who had played the game at their own school,” sophomore JEC member Molly Peck said. “It was a great success, and we thought it’d be a fun thing to bring to campus.”

More than 170 students from the CSB/SJU community participated, and began with each member registering a profile on the nation-wide website, Once registered, all participants received bandanas which they tied somewhere on their arm to signify that they were humans.

If tagged, which involved a zombie hitting them with a sock, the humans instantly became zombies and had to transfer the bandana from their arms to their foreheads.

“Basically, the game started with two zombies on what was known as ‘incubation day’,” JEC Executive Member Laura Murray said. “After that, the goal was for the zombies to transform all of the humans, and for all of the humans to try and stay alive. We were hoping people would get in the spirit and have fun.”

Students from both campuses went all out and enjoyed the game.

“It really surpassed our expectations,” Murray said. “People were running around wearing zombie make-up and scheduling times to ambush groups of students.”

Because zombies had to ‘feed’ on a human every 24 hours in order to stay alive, students invented new ways to remain in the game.

“My roommate and I created a Facebook page called ‘The Horde’ to unite all the zombies,” junior Bob Mandell said. “We would plan secret attacks. Once, we even pinned down the whole library to expose and tag all the students who were still humans.”

Sophomore Zach Boever also joined in the creative spirit.

“I tried to go around dressed like a zombie during the game to pretend I had already been transformed,” Boever said. “I was able to stay alive and fake out some of my friends for a while.”

Not only did the game get students throwing socks at each other, but it got them talking as well.

“It was really fun because I was laughing and talking to students I have never even met before,” Mandell said.

Boever agrees, and said, “I was sending warning Facebook messages to people I didn’t know to try and keep them in the game.”

In addition to exciting students, the game was also a success because of its next-to-nothing cost.

“The game was sponsored by the Low-Budget, No-Budget Committee of the JEC,” Murray said. “We try and do creative things without spending much money.”

Murray, chair of the committee, is also responsible for heading the committee’s other events including the Harry Potter night and the Halloween dodgeball tournament. The Retro Prom,
scheduled for April 2, is the committee’s next planned event.

For the committee, the Humans vs. Zombies event was definitely one of the year’s highlights.

“A lot of times you do an event and it is done and over with very quickly,” Murray said. “But the cool thing about this event was that it was ongoing and everyone knew about it, whether they were playing the game or not.”

This year, after the week-long battle, the zombies triumphed over the humans. Peck and Murray agree that the game will definitely be brought back in the future.

“We consider this a successful test-run of the game,” Peck said. “Next year, it’ll be bigger and better and hopefully involve more students and maybe even prizes.”

However for Mandell, that might not be necessary.

“This year’s game already came with a prize,” Mandell said. “Not only was it a ton of fun, but we were left with the satisfaction of winning eternal glory for all of the zombies!”

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