Opinion | CSB/SJU should ban attendance requirements for classes

By Cormac Quinn
[email protected]

It’s been said that the only resource we truly have is our time. How we spend it defines who we are, and who we spend it with is a compliment of the highest regard.

I’m confused, then, why attendance requirements can persist here. We pay the school for the opportunity to learn, and how well we utilize that opportunity is itself a learning experience. Students unable to attend class shouldn’t be penalized further than their lack of engagement in class that day. Lastly, grades are a reflection of our academic ability and shouldn’t be altered for personal reasons. (more…)

Opinion | ‘What can you do to prevent sexual assault?’

By Andrew Schmelzer
asc[email protected]

Movies and Spotify ads both attest the party lifestyle during college. However, they miss some of the deeper issues with the ‘college experience.’ While we can debate and discuss drinking culture, hookup culture and toxic masculinity, mixing the three together creates an environment primed for sexual assault.

People drink for all sorts of reasons, reflected in the names people give it: liquid courage, dancing juice, social lubricant. Along with its different names, drunkenness evokes different verbs. My favorites include getting punched, slapped, bopped and sloshed. (more…)

Opinion | Academic transportation options are lacking

By Vanessa Servin and
Shoua Thao
[email protected][email protected]

Have you ever found yourself scrambling to find a ride to an off-campus academic obligation?

Fulfilling students’ transportation needs is a must if there is to be a functioning, thriving, and inclusive campus environment. We, as students without transportation, have seen this to be a problem in our major as it has made it difficult for us to complete our off-campus academic obligations. (more…)