Dear Editor,

Every day CSB/SJU students are overwhelmed with an inbox of over twenty emails from Fine Art Events to Communication Club and maybe a couple important messages sprinkled in too.

Receiving this much email is stressful and distracting to say the least and I have seen my fair share of students miss deadlines and events because of this. As a student who is not in HAIS, KACC or Communication Club and who doesn’t speak French, I sure get a lot of emails asking me to come to general meetings and to watch French movies.

There seems to be little effort to reach out to students efficiently. Many clubs and organizations had email sign-ups at the involvement fair last fall, so why don’t they use those emails instead of the entire student body? Chances are that since I’m not in KACC I will not go to a KACC general meeting and that’s just common sense.

I believe that the school organizations should limit themselves to a certain amount—let’s say two—emails per event instead of sending three or four emails about the same event in one week.

Conservative emailing would overall be more effective for advertising a group’s event. As adults we should be able to properly advertise for events in advance without the urgency of send two emails in three days.

Margaret Heroux, ‘23
CSB first-year