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We can safely say we’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetimes. The COVID-19 virus, colloquially termed the coronavirus, has gone from a smattering of mysterious cases in China to a pandemic serious enough to cancel entire sports leagues. As we write this on Wednesday night, we can only imagine the impacts that will have been made known on Friday morning.

Thankfully, young people, especially those under nine years old, have been largely unaffected. As primarily young, healthy and able-bodied people, we students might find it easy to dismiss the threat of the virus. What shouldn’t be dismissed is the threat that is posed to older, less healthy members of our community.  Right here in our own community, many monks at St. John’s and nuns at St. Ben’s lie in the highest at-risk age for succumbing to COVID-19. We might not be at strong risk of mortality, but we implore everybody to be cognizant of those who might be.

While flights abroad might seem cheap and great for a quick getaway, this leaves you at a higher chance for obtaining and spreading the coronavirus to those vulnerable members of our community. The primary goal at this stage in the outbreak should be to slow the number of infections so as not to overburden our health care system. This means eliminating unnecessary social contact, especially in large groups, ALWAYS washing your hands and disinfecting commonly used surfaces.

Many countries have already restricted public movement, with Italy going so far as to close all businesses except for grocery stores, pharmacies and banks. Assuming that the outbreak in the United States continues to spread, it is not outlandish to assume similar measures could be on the horizon.

Do your part and help prevent the spread of coronavirus. If not to protect yourself, do it for the more vulnerable people it might spread to.