By Charles Ellis
[email protected]
The St. John’s Senate convened at 9:20 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 24 in Br. Willie’s Pub.

The first presentation of the evening came from Logan Weis and Amanda Kerkhove on behalf of Outdoor U.

The organization requested $500 from the senate for free student tickets for this year’s Maple Syrup Festival. The SJS unanimously voted to approve the allocation.

Secondly, St. John’s Senate Vice President Alex Modeas presented on Dogs for Democracy.

Dogs for Democracy is meant to promote civic engagement on and off campus. This was held yesterday, Feb. 27 and provided free hot dogs, snacks and drinks to students along with information on political candidate information for the upcoming primaries. The senate voted to pass the motion and granted $197 for the program.

Weis and Kerkhove then requested $1,785 to obtain new equipment for Outdoor U. The funding would cover new camping gear, winter gear and equipment for a triathlon. The senate voted to pass the request for funding.

The fourth and final funding request for $2,500 was on behalf of SJU Athletics to cover student ticket costs for the track and field, basketball and hockey MIAC playoffs.

The funding provided for 750 student tickets for basketball, 300 student tickets for hockey and 200 student tickets for track and field, valued at $1,500, $600 and $400 respectively. The senate voted to pass the motion.

Treasurer Terran Ferguson provided the senate with a budget update. The senate has spent 77 percent of their budget this year and currently has $12,723 remaining.

The next St. John’s Senate meeting will take place after Spring Break at 9:20 p.m. on March 9 in Br. Willie’s Pub.