HANNAH SCHWIETZ • [email protected] CSB/SJU students enjoy ice skating and participating at the lunar lake and skate event hosted by Peer Resource Program and the Outdoor Leadership Center.

By Emma Culhane
[email protected]
Around 90 people braved the cold weather on Thursday, Feb. 20 to enjoy winter inspired activities during Lunar Lake and Skate.

The nighttime event was put on by the Peer Resource Program (PRP), an organization on campus that sponsors outdoor events to encourage others to get outside and appreciate nature. This is the third year in a row PRP has hosted the popular event located on the beach on Lake Sagatagan.

Filled with hot chocolate, a candlelit ice rank and toasty s’mores, the event was put on to show people how to have fun outside despite the cold temperatures of a Minnesota winter.

Lunar Lake and Skate was started in 2018 by SJU student George Dornbach who wanted there to be a celebration of winter. CSB juniors Charly Frisk and Melissa Burrell continued the tradition last year and Burrell continued it this year.

For the event, PRP was able to partner up with the Outdoor Leadership Center to get things like snowshoes and ice skates. That way, when people showed up, all they had to do was put them on and head for the Abbey Arboretum or the cleared off ice rink.

“I hope that people get that winter can be fun and you don’t need to stay in your dorm room between November and March even if it’s not conventional,” Burrell said.

The event wouldn’t be complete without a fire to roast s’mores and some hot chocolate to warm up stomachs. The temperature was around 10ºF so the students of PRP were very pleased with the turn out.

“We think there was probably between 80 and 100 people that came this year. Last year there was probably 120, but it was a lot colder this year,” Burrell said.

The event took place around the time of most midterms for students on campus so it was a way for them to leave the library and get some fresh air.

“My favorite part is when people walk down the hill, see smiles and listen to music, because everyone is stressed due to midterm season. They know they don’t have to think about school for the next 30 minutes,” Burrell said.