Dear Editor,

I find it ironic that the Students for Life club has the audacity to complain about The Record’s negative reporting on their accidental spending of $5,600 dollars of the institution’s money. Realize that news is usually biased. Look at Fox News and CNN, for example. Both lean a certain way to fit the audience to which they target. I fail to see how this is shocking for you with The Record, as this isn’t NPR sweeties.

Second of all, the fact of the matter is that you all really messed up. Rather than simply releasing a remorseful statement with a plan of how you will pay back that debt, you decide to complain about The Record’s negative reporting. Perhaps to make yourselves feel better or even target The Record as an aggressor to the situation? Either way, move on and own up to your mistake. Nobody cares for reading half-hearted apologies.

I just find this whole situation annoying, as a lot of that money could have gone to more productive uses. I fail to understand how attending an anti-reproductive rights protest in another state is, in any way, relevant to our campus’ “culture of life,” whatever that means. Could you define your terms? From my understanding, CSB/SJU is not a monolith culture, for we are not confined to one sole radical opinion. We should celebrate diversity of thought. Realize that not everyone agrees with your beliefs, not everyone is Catholic or pro-life here, and not everyone supports your club’s existence.

I am also bitter about this institution failing to uphold freedom of speech in their decision not to have a pro-choice club. I will always believe that we deserve a pro-choice club because this school loves to preach about freedom of speech, yet fails to uphold such a statement. But will a pro-choice club happen? Of course not. We have to live out those Benedictine Values (mind you, not everyone here is Christian, or even religious) to make sure that we don’t upset the donors in changing the way things are done, because god forbid we upset the donors that fund our education.


Jeremy Jahn, ’20

SJU senior