By Michael Schocker
[email protected]

It is a shame that many politicians who masquerade as Christians have seemingly never read the Bible.

If only they had heeded the wisdom of the Gospels they would not be in the awkward position of having to ruthlessly silence free speech in order to defend themselves.

I am increasingly saddened by the epidemic of journalists being imprisoned and facing torture simply for telling the truth.

Julian Assange’s recent arrest has absolutely nothing to do with forgetting to wear a condom the morning-after, a charge previously dropped in 2017. Rather, Assange’s human rights have been stripped away because Wikileaks has utterly destroyed the legitimacy and credibility of the status quo.

Therefore, it makes sense that extremely powerful politicians­—who are mostly wolves in sheep’s clothing—are growing increasingly vindictive toward anyone who dares to expose their

To reveal this information is in no way an attempt to sabotage the government’s efforts to effectively defend its citizens. Hillary Clinton believes Wikileaks is tearing the fabric of government, and she is technically correct. The fabric of government appears to be nothing more than ludicrously insane levels of greed and deception, and it is about time the American people are exposed to information they deserve to hear.

Of course, Clinton would not be pleased if more Americans were to become aware of the fact that leading DNC members essentially violated their principle of neutrality by actively working to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign. So much for democracy. I fully understand that most of my ideas are eccentric and contrarian, but I do not care what anyone thinks about me.

My only hope is that this message will resonate with those few who are becoming increasingly aware of the gross disparity between the current establishment’s rhetoric and the actual truth of the matter.

It is extraordinarily painful to watch footage of United States soldiers killing Reuters journalists and Iraqi civilians with apache attack helicopters as if they were playing a video game. It is insane to suggest that shedding light on the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians in any way undermines national security. Overall, the Iraq and Afghanistan documents reveal unprecedented violations of international law and a widespread disregard for the sanctity of human life.

You only need to watch the collateral murder for yourself in order to begin understanding the barbaric callousness which has resulted in the deaths of 205,908 Iraqi civilians ever since 2003. Although Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction were never to be found, private military contractors got to laugh all the way to the bank, earning around 138 billion dollars “defending democracy,” all courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Were it not for the brave efforts of Julian Assange, we would still be unaware of the sinister details concerning how political prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay are forced to suffer the most inhumane acts of physical and psychological torture imaginable. This is proof that the Constitution is nothing more than toilet paper for America’s political elite. Until war criminals like Dick Cheney are languishing in prison instead of journalists like Julian Assange, free speech and journalism will only continue fading away into oblivion.

This is the opinion of Michael Schocker, SJU senior