By Ryan Reiter
[email protected]

It is really sad to see how blatantly anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar has been in recent weeks, and the response from the Democratic Party has been equally depressing.

She came out a few weeks ago and said that American support for Israel is all about the money and that Israel is hypnotizing the rest of the world. Honestly, those are absolutely grotesque statements to make. This implies that no one participating in American politics would, in their right mind, ever support Israel willingly without huge donations from presumably Jewish sources. As if the belief in the Jewish State being able to exist and defend themselves is some sort of unsubstantiated claim with no merit.

There are millions of people in this country that willingly support Israel, and I am one of them. And trust me, I am very confident that I haven’t seen a dime of this Jew money that Ilhan speaks about.

After a pathetic apology, she attempted to cover her radical idea by stating that the tweets were directed at AIPAC, as if AIPAC is buying off all of the politicians. Give me a break. AIPAC donates to political campaigns that support its causes just like any other lobbying group in America and doesn’t spend anywhere close to the amount that larger lobbies do. I’m sure there are plenty of anti-Israel lobbying groups out there, but of course no one would say that they are buying out Ilhan Omar or other anti-Israel politicians if they ever donated to their campaign.

The most recent comment is perhaps the ugliest of them all, as she suggested that American Jews have dual allegiance to Israel. This gross assertion suggests that the conspiring Jews of America are fully loyal to Israel and are attempting to manipulate American policy to fit their true allegiance. She is suggesting that American Jews have no principle to their pro-Israel stance. Rather, they would call for American support of Israel even if it became a dictatorship next week. It is sad, but that is essentially what she is saying.

No one would accuse me of dual loyalty if I came out and said that I think Germany should continue to exist and American policy should reflect that idea. After all, Germany is a great country with a democratic government and respect for many ideals and principles that America was built on. So what exactly is the difference between my support for Germany not being dual loyalty and the American Jewish support of Israel being dual loyalty?

It suggests that the Jews would fight tooth and nail for the American support of Israel no matter what the nation of Israel will stand for in the future. That is an insane belief to have. Americans support Israel because we believe that Israel should exist and be protected. To suggest the Jews have dual allegiance in that regard is simply anti-Semitic. There isn’t any more to it.

And finally we get to the Democrats attempting to mask the anti-Semitism within their own party. Though a few Democratic congressmen have come out against Omar’s comments, the Democratic Party as a majority rushed to her defense in the aftermath. They understand that the party now belongs to the radicals and to speak out against a representative that checks so many of the intersectional boxes is a death sentence. You blatantly saw this when Nancy Pelosi backed off of her initial criticism of Omar as she knew she could lose her Speaker job if too many of the radicals jumped on her for calling out anti-Semitism within their own ranks.

The fact of the matter is that Ilhan Omar is a young, radical and Muslim woman who represents the exact intersectional candidate that the far-left wants to promote, so it doesn’t matter what comes out of her mouth. It’s this type of nonsense that allowed Trump to get elected, and if Democrats want it to happen again, I suggest they continue to defend this sort of crap.

This is the opinion of Ryan Reiter, SJU senior