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We, The Record staff, take pride in producing an award winning publication each week. Countless hours are put into giving the CSB/SJU community the best newspaper they can get. Get to know the staff.

Executive Staff
Editor in Chief • Adam Tucker
Managing Editor • Molly Carey
Managing Editor • Evan Gruenes
Adviser • Kelly Smith

Section Editors
News Editor • Beth Leipholtz
News Editor • Michael Swearingen
Variety Editor • Gretchen Brown
Variety Editor • Chris Beeth
Opinion/Editorial Editor • Kyle Murray
Sports Editor • Jake Schultz
Sports Editor • Madeline Cocca
Media Specialist/Copy Desk Chief/Magician • Caitlin Swanson

Multimedia & Design
Photography Editor • Reed Osell
Photography Editor • Michael Terhaar
Web Editor • Nobody, you should apply!

Advertising & Production
Advertising Manager • Nick Donovan
Business Manager • Joe Balder
Distribution Managers • Danielle Tossey and Brenda Montes