Who We Are 

The Record has been the official student newspaper of St. John’s University since 1888 and became the official newspaper of both St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict since 2001. Our goal is to inform, enlighten, entertain and engage the communities the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University through local news, arts, entertainment, sports news and campus opinions.

Our volunteer student staff is responsible for conducting interviews, writing and editing stories, photographing events and designing print and web pages for The Record’s print edition and website. The opinions expressed within The Record are not necessarily those of the student body, faculty, staff, university administrations or other community organizations.

As a student organization, The Record also strives to educate its members and readership about media and journalism in order to help create a more media-literate community. Above all, The Record aims to defend the rights of students by holding all parts of the institutions, including the administrations, faculty, staff, student governments, clubs, Joint Events Council and especially itself accountable to the student body.

Megan Flynn - Editor-In-Chief

Megan Flynn

Megan is a senior English and communication double major from Des Moines, Iowa. She joined The Record staff during her sophomore year as a Variety Editor and has been happily (and sometimes frantically) writing and editing all the things ever since.

Hope Mueller

Managing Editor 
Hope is from Buffalo, Minnesota and is majoring in communication with a minor in gender studies. She started writing for The Record as a first-year, became the News editor her sophomore year; junior year tried out Variety and now the staff “puts ups with her” as the managing editor.

Ellen Bartyzal

Managing Editor 
Ellen is a junior communication major and English minor from Elko, Minnesota. She joined The Record in 2015 as a News Editor and since then she’s tackled tough stories and last-minute assignments like no other.

  • Leadership 90%
  • Copy Editing 85%
  • Coffee Consumption 100%
  • Design Skills 95%
  • Copy Editing 85%
  • Longest Reigning Editor 100%
  • Positivity 100%
  • Writing & Editing 85%
  • Innocence 100%
Megan Flynn - Editor-In-Chief

Brendan Klein

Op/Ed Editor 
Brendan is a political science and economics major from Bloomington, Minnesota. He enjoys a good discussion and studying the methods of persuasion. Brendan started at The Record during the fall of 2016 and has never looked at Wednesday nights the same way since.

Meredith Jarchow

Multimedia Editor 
Meredith is a junior political science major and communication minor from New Richmond, Wisconsin. She began at The Record in 2015 as a News Editor and has enjoyed her time yelling at the printer when it isn’t working. When she isn’t in the office you can find her playing rugby, working or eating too many Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Sam Butterfass

News Editor 
Sam is a sophomore English and classical studies major from Rochester, Minnesota. He is also part of the ROTC program. He became a News Editor in the fall of 2016 after writing consistently as a first-year. If he isn’t editing or power-napping, he’s probably writing some pretty hilarious joke headlines.

  • Grit 100%
  • Creativity 95%
  • Best Dad Jokes 100%
  • Computer/Media Skills 95%
  • Time Management 85%
  • Missing Crumpled Paper Basketball Shots 100%
  • Writing 90%
  • Classics 85%
  • Naps 42%
Megan Flynn - Editor-In-Chief

Sean Kelly

Variety Editor 
Sean is a junior English major and political science minor from St. Michael, Minnesota.  Sean decided to write a short bio so I’m going to add more. He’s also an awesome singer, you might have heard him before – do you know Johnnie Blend?

Lydia Farmer

Variety Editor 
Lydia is a sophomore communication major from Long Lake, Minnesota. She did yearbook in high school and thought The Record seemed like it would be a good fit for her. She jumped in as a Variety Editor during the fall of 2016 and has absolutely loved her time on staff.

Brett Zallek

Sports Editor 
Brett is a sophomore global business leadership major from St. Peter, Minnesota. He has been involved playing and reffing sports his whole life and writing/editing for the sports section of The Record has given him an opportunity to stay involved in sports on campus.

  • Writing 85%
  • Page Design 85%
  • Stress Management 6%
  • Enthusiasm 85%
  • Creativity 80%
  •  Crosswords 3%
  • Grammar 88%
  • Best Statistical Analysis 95%
  • Sports Lingo 100%
Megan Flynn - Editor-In-Chief

Haley Olson

Sports Editor

Haley is a sophomore accounting major from Royalton, Minnesota. She says she joined The Record so that people would stop calling her a boring accounting major. Her quick wit and drive in the office make her an asset to the staff, even if she still can’t come up with her own headlines (we have Brendan for that).

Rachel Ketz

Photo & Web Editor 
Rachel is from St. Paul, Minnesota and is majoring in communication with a minor in teaching English as a foreign language.  She was persuaded to join The Record as an editor her sophomore year and it ended up being one of her best decisions at CSB/SJU.

Julia Eckart

Photo Editor 
Julia is a communication major and sociology minor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She joined The Record after two editors left to study abroad and has enjoyed the challenges and friendships ever since. She even learned how to drive a Prius during her two years with The Record.


  • Speed 91%
  • Creating Headlines 42%
  • Napping 100%
  • Wordpress 80%
  • Portrait Photography 87%
  • Ability to Make Decisions 50%
  • Resourcefulness 98%
  • Family Photography 93%
  • Handling Awkward SItuations 76%
Megan Flynn - Editor-In-Chief

Nicole Pederson

Photo Editor
Nicole is from La Crosse, Wisconsin and is an art major with communication emphasis.  She joined The Record as an editor her sophomore year. Now as a senior, she continues to enjoy capturing the news around campus.

  • Lightroom 85%
  • Event Photography 90%
  • Dancing Ability 2%

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