Brew Log: Fruity Ale provides an atypical saison flavor

By Joseph Mahowald and Kyle Olson
[email protected][email protected]

Hello friends, and welcome back to the next installment of the Brew Log. This week we’re trying a new and artistic brew, the Sunken City brewed by Insight Brewing in Minneapolis.

This beer is truly a highlight of Insight’s artistic craft, involving brewery experience from around the world and ingredients that are not commonly found in most beers.

This is by far the most complex beer we have tried and it has shown the creativity in brewing methods. (more…)

Music Review: Future’s back to back album releases fail to impress

By Megan Pearson – [email protected]

Future is an Atlanta rapper and songwriter who your parents most likely don’t understand.

Future’s style of trap rap has become increasingly popular and he’s had major success in a few album releases in the past years, including his album collaboration with Drake, “What A Time to Be Alive,” as well as his solo project “DS2” which happens to be my favorite album Future has released. (more…)

“Fools” provides a refreshing change: The CSB/SJU Theater Department steps away from the darker tone

By Anna Smisek – [email protected]

The production of “Fools,” put on by CSB/SJU students and directed by faculty member Sean Dooley, takes on a refreshing light-hearted tone this semester.

Written by Neil Simon, “Fools” is set in a small Ukrainian town where a young schoolmaster named Leon is hired to educate the town doctor’s daughter, Sophia. To his surprise, every citizen is cursed with stupidity and an inability to feel love. Throughout the show, Leon falls madly in love with Sophia and faces many challenges to educate her and break these magical curses. (more…)

Brew Log: Local Blend pint for adventurous taste buds

By Joseph Mahowald and Kyle Olson
[email protected][email protected]

This week the Brew Log moves to St. Joseph (somewhat).

We decided to take a trip to the Local Blend and have a pint of the Midnight Ryder, an American Black Ale (Black IPA) from Indeed Brewing Company in Minneapolis. The Local Blend offers a fun atmosphere with music and is a great spot to try some Minnesotan beer. We are excited for this week’s beer since neither of us have tried a Black Ale before and want to share the experience with you.  (more…)

SJU junior turns yearlong dream into an eight book series

SJU junior turns yearlong dream into an eight book series

By Ellen Bartyzal  – [email protected]

Imagine having a dream where you can’t control a thing. You are placed in an apocalyptic world and vividly witness the experiences of people suffering at the world’s end. It plays like a movie—you are there but you can’t interact with the people and you can’t control what happens. What would you do about it?

SJU junior Andrew West decided to write it all down. (more…)