Spitting rhymes and giving back

By George Dornbach
[email protected]

For local musician Lucas Motten, music is a form of expression that transcends simply sound. A rapper, hip-hop artist, father, entrepreneur and case manager for local area schools, Motten, who goes by the stage name, Lukane, uses music to share his story and build community.
Raised in the south side of Chicago, Motten found his way to Minnesota after an altercation back home that could have ended with serious consequences. (more…)

Pre-Law Club takes on mock trial competition

By Erin Hacker
[email protected]

The CSB/SJU Pre-Law Club is continously working to prepare themselves for law school. One of the best ways to do this is to compete in mock trials.
Mock trial is a team competition where members are chosen to portray attorneys, witnesses and other roles that are present in a courtroom situation. The teams are tasked with arguing a court case, simulating the prosecution and simulating the defense. Two judges decide which team argued their side better and a winner of that round is chosen. The teams then flip sides and have the opportunity to argue on the other side.
Practice and repetition of legal terminology and courtroom scenarios allow members the opportunity to be prepared for law school and beyond. (more…)

Custodian by day, musician by night

Custodian by day, musician by night

By Brigid Mark
[email protected]

Mike Kreitzer has been making a quiet difference at our school for 16 years as a member of the custodial staff. While his work might often go unnoticed, it does not lack in dignity or value.
One of his jobs is to empty the trash cans in every classroom. Kreitzer often takes it upon himself to pick out recyclables carelessly tossed in the trash and puts them in the proper container. He chooses to make the world a better place even when no one is watching, a testament to his character. (more…)

A brief look at the 130 year history of The Record

By Steph Haeg
[email protected]

“The first number of the RECORD is before you.
From its contents you may be able to divine the object of its publication.
“Briefly, the object is: To establish a medium of intercommunication between the University and its former students;
“Between the old students and their fellow students;
Between the University and parents or guardians of students;
“Between the University and its friends generally. (more…)

Square One brings business education to Haiti

By Lydia Farmer
[email protected]

While many Bennies and Johnnies made their New Year’s resolutions, members of Square One spent the first two weeks of January sharing their business education with an impoverished suburb in Leogan, Haiti.
Square One is a student run venture in which members share their knowledge of sustainable business practices with entreprenuers in developing countries. This was not the group’s first trip to Haiti, they had contacts in the town from a previous trip they took to build a mobile chicken coup in 2015. (more…)