Brew Log: Local Blend pint for adventurous taste buds

By Joseph Mahowald and Kyle Olson
[email protected][email protected]

This week the Brew Log moves to St. Joseph (somewhat).

We decided to take a trip to the Local Blend and have a pint of the Midnight Ryder, an American Black Ale (Black IPA) from Indeed Brewing Company in Minneapolis. The Local Blend offers a fun atmosphere with music and is a great spot to try some Minnesotan beer. We are excited for this week’s beer since neither of us have tried a Black Ale before and want to share the experience with you.  (more…)

Talented students share their favorite artwork

Talented students share their favorite artwork

Artwork submitted by CSB/SJU student artists. To have your work featured in the paper, please email a photo of the piece and a 100-200 word statement about your art to The Record at [email protected]


SJU junior turns yearlong dream into an eight book series

SJU junior turns yearlong dream into an eight book series

By Ellen Bartyzal  – [email protected]

Imagine having a dream where you can’t control a thing. You are placed in an apocalyptic world and vividly witness the experiences of people suffering at the world’s end. It plays like a movie—you are there but you can’t interact with the people and you can’t control what happens. What would you do about it?

SJU junior Andrew West decided to write it all down. (more…)

Movie Review: “Moonlight” sheds light on violent realities of those less privileged

By Mikolaj Puszcza-Szydlowski – [email protected]

“Moonlight’s” director Barry Jenkins set out an uneasy task for himself: depicting different stages of life of a closeted gay man in a black community. (more…)

Brew Log: Surly’s hoppy top seller won’t make you furious

By Joseph Mahowald and Kyle Olson
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We turn our attention this week to a leader in the Minnesotan brewery scene. Surly Brewing Company is one of the largest breweries in the Twin Cities and offers a variety of beers with fun names such as Thanks Obama, Todd the Axe Man, Hell and CynicAle. (more…)

Brew Log: Spilled Grain offers diversity of craft brews

By Joseph Mahowald – [email protected]

and Kyle Olson – [email protected]

Hello friends and welcome back to another edition of the Brew Log. We are building off of last week’s article where we highlighted a Johnnie brewery, Fulton Brewing Company.

This week we ventured about 20 miles south of campus to Spilled Grain Brewhouse in Annandale. Although Annandale is a town of only 3,289 people, they have some great brews that rival the beers coming out of big cities breweries.

Two Johnnie and one Bennie graduates are on the team that runs Spilled Grain. (more…)