Bennies “Defend the North” at Super Bowl LII

Bennies “Defend the North” at Super Bowl LII

By Charly Frisk
[email protected]

This past Sunday, Feb. 4, the Super Bowl closed as the finale for host city Minneapolis’ Bold North week. Among the 10,000 volunteers who werescattered around the city were two Bennies, juniors Abby Spanier and Maggie Young, who had the chance to partake in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Spanier and Young were two of many Bennies and Johnnies who participated in the event. (more…)

Open forum raises questions about CSB/SJU community

By Steven Pfahning
[email protected]

Community. It was an idea brought up several times at Monday night’s St. John’s Senate meeting. One of the best questions asked was: What is community? This question was partially answered by Fr. Doug Mullin at the end of the meeting when he stated he felt the dialogue present Monday evening surrounding the difficult issues was community.
For those unable to attend the meeting, it was an eye-opening experience for many students. The meeting acted as an open forum for students to voice their concerns to the St. John’s Senate and student body. Most of the stories told involved issues ofracism, sexism, labeling, ignorance, and struggle. Students who can say they always have felt safe on campus or were quickly able to call CSB/SJU home, likely never considered these issues which many students face daily. Unfortunately, these struggles are a reality for many members of our community. (more…)

Opinion | Students should be efficient with food consumption

By Hosanna Fortmeyer
[email protected]

An estimated 30-40 percent of the food produced in America is not consumed, representing 63 million tons per year. Of this, an estimated 16 percent occurs on farms, two percent at manufacturers, 40 percent at retail and food outlets, and the largest percentage at homes (43 percent). From an economic perspective, the cost of food waste equates to $218 billion per year. 21 percent of solid landfill waste is discarded food that generates methane, and around 21 percent of America’s fresh water is used to produce food that nobody ends up eating. (more…)

White supremacy signs found in St. Joseph and St. Cloud

By Lydia Glen
[email protected]

On Wednesday, Jan. 17, the offices of the Presidents informed students via email that signs were found in St. Joseph promoting white supremacy, just two days after Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
These signs were clear examples of hate speech, yet one of the challenges in combatting racist attacks, is the protection of all forms of speech through the constitution, including hate speech. St. Joseph police were able to take these signs down, as signs are not allowed to be posted on power poles. Additionally, residents of St. Joseph chose to take down these signs on their own, in order to combat these discriminatory acts. All of the signs found displayed the logo of the “St. Cloud State White Student Union.” Other signs were found near the SCSU campus. However, the connection to St. Joseph is unknown. (more…)

CSB/SJU students participate in March for Life

By Cullen Trobec
[email protected]

On Friday Jan. 19, fourteen CSB/SJU students embarked on a two night trip to Washington, D.C. to participate in the 45th annual March for Life.
The trip was sponsored and led by students from the CSB/SJU Students for Life organization, a group devoted to promoting pro-life rhetoric and lifestyles within the CSB/SJU campuses and surrounding community. The trip was co-sponsored by other groups such as the local Knights of Columbus and Fides et Ratio. (more…)