Carol Agnes receives Breaking Barriers award

Carol Agnes receives Breaking Barriers award

By Brandon Spratt
[email protected]

Carol Agnes came to St. Ben’s with a vision, and 45 years later a thriving athletic department stands to show for it.
Agnes, CSB’s first athletic director, received a Breaking Barriers award at the 32nd annual Minnesota Girls and Women in Sports Day on Wednesday, Feb. 7 in St. Paul at the Minnesota History Center.
“Many of the women who have received it in the past have been people I’ve looked up to,” Agnes said. “To stand among them is just absolutely overwhelming.”
St. Ben’s is able to nominate one candidate each year for the award. (more…)

Johnnie wrestlers shine at North Country Open, SJU senior makes unlikely comeback

By Brandon Spratt
[email protected]

Two Johnnies hit the mats last Saturday at the North Country Open, but they had very different routes to get there.
St. John’s sophomore wrestler Noah Becker is in the midst of another fine season with a 19-8 record on the year. St. John’s senior Jack Edberg, on the other hand, was competing in his first tournament in nearly three years.
Edberg competed on the wrestling team during his freshman year, but quit after the season.
“I was just burnt out,” Edberg said.
However, over winter break Edberg and his friend Chase Monger flirted with the idea of entering one final tournament together. (more…)

CSB/SJU joins Crew 52 at Super Bowl LII

By Drew Schoenbauer
[email protected]

This weekend, arguably the biggest football event in the world is coming to none other than the great northern state of Minnesota.
Unfortunately, the Vikings missed making it after a 38-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. As tough as that was, there are a few students from the CSB/SJU community that still have a lot to look forward to.
Mason DeMorett, a senior economics major, is one of four students who will be volunteering at US Bank Stadium this coming Sunday at Super Bowl LII.
“I am very excited to have this opportunity,” DeMorett said via email. “The Super Bowl is, in my opinion, the biggest sporting event of the whole year, and getting to be a part of it is something I will always remember. Even though the Vikings did not make it, I will always carry this memory with me.” (more…)

High kicks and high achievements

High kicks and high achievements

By Megan Dierberger
[email protected]

After placing in the top half of teams in the Open Pom and Open Jazz National Semifinals, the St. Ben’s Dance Team advanced to the finals on Sunday Jan. 14 at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in
Orlando, Fla. The CSB dance team finished third in pom and sixth in jazz to cap off a successful season. It was a big improvement from their showing just a year ago, as CSB placed ninth in open pom and 14th in open jazz.
The strong performance at Nationals checked off every preseason goal.
“You literally have the two minutes and you control what you do out on the stage,” head coach Anne Sumangil ’99 said. “And then you have to walk off and hope that the dance and the content will score higher than the other teams.” (more…)

Sports Opinion | A Shocking Defeat

By Michael Schocker
[email protected]

Something is rotten in the state of Minnesota. Dark clouds hang over our heads as we suffer the anguish of yet another disappointing Vikings playoff run.
Although the pain is wearing off and we’re settling back into our routines, it’s difficult not to continue dwelling on that
horrific debacle of a football game.
I thought this NFC Championship game would be different. Digg’s miraculous play in the final seconds of the divisional round had seemingly vanquished our past playoff demons. All that was left to do was play a great game against a Philadelphia team without their starting quarterback, and we’d make history by playing the Super Bowl in our home stadium.
But it wasn’t meant to be. Keenum’s huge interception in the first quarter killed our momentum for the rest of the game. Yes, it was still tied, but it didn’t feel like it. Our top ranked defense played flat. We were man handled in the trenches on both sides of the ball. This was the NFC Championship, but the entire team looked like it was playing a meaningless preseason game.
I suppose we should be grateful the Vikings made it this far in the first place. Who honestly could have predicted early this season, following Bradford and Cook’s injuries, that a chance at the Super Bowl was in store for our team? It certainly didn’t cross my mind when we were getting thrashed by Pittsburgh in week two. We were all confident about the Viking’s chances going into the game, but the Eagles were no joke. They were still the No. 1 seed, and Nick Foles has once again proven himself capable of leading his team to victory.
We can console ourselves all we want to help us sleep at night, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is embarrassing and disappointing. The Minnesota Vikings have a rich tradition of great players and electrifying teams that all somehow managed to blow it big time when it actually matters. Four Super Bowl losses and a myriad of painful playoff defeats are still the most iconic features of our snakebitten franchise.
I’m pretty bitter, and I was only born in 1997. Imagine being a fan who grew up as a child having to endure those defeats in the 1970s. I feel especially bad for Millie Wall, the 100-year-old grandmother whom Roger Goodell gave free Superbowl tickets. Here’s what she said after the Divisional round.
“Boy, those Vikings better hurry up. I don’t have that much time.”
Unless they have another miraculous season next year, she’ll have gone to her grave without her wish being fulfilled. Hopefully our defense cares more the next time they play in an NFC Championship game. Based on the current trend, this will most likely be in 2028.
As we all know, being a Vikings fan is all about suffering. Fans my age have experienced the 2009 heartbreak, the Blair Walsh shank, this past Sunday and many other painful happenings. However, this is what being a true fan is all about. Cheering for teams like the New England Patriots and Golden State Warriors is too easy. Our hearts are forged in only the hottest furnaces, and we come out stronger because of it.
Wear those scars on your heart with pride.
Skol Vikings!

This is the opinion of Michael Schocker, SJU junior

SJU Hoops soars to No. 6 in the country

Johnnies riding 13-game winning streak to start MIAC play 11-0, including 77-62 win over St. Thomas in Collegeville last Saturday. The No. 6 ranking is one of the highest in school history.

JENNIFER McNELLY • [email protected]
The Johnnies opened the 2017-18 MIAC season with a win over Bethel in early December. SJU has not lost since en route to an 11-0 start in conference play. SJU beat St. Thomas 77-62 last Saturday.

By Jack Wozniak
[email protected]

There were very few empty seats in Sexton Arena this past weekend when St. Thomas came to Collegeville for the Johnnie/Tommie Basketball game. Reserved Tickets had been sold out since Thursday, Jan. 19, and General Admission seats were filled to maximum capacity.
St. Thomas came hoping to avenge last season’s thrilling Johnnie playoff win that ended the top seeded Tommies’ season. The Johnnies headed into the game riding an 11-game winning streak and boasting a perfect conference record. (more…)