Opinion | American Dream is modern day myth

By Brendan Klein
[email protected]

How many of you have heard the tale of Sisyphus? The man whose sole torment is to roll a rock to the top of a hill, only to have it knocked back down whenever he gets close to the summit. Or maybe the tale of Tantalus, the source of the word tantalizing, who cannot drink from the water he stands in or eat the fruit of the tree he stands under. (more…)

Sports Opinion | World Series ignites entertainment

By Jackson Garner
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Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. For nearly two centuries the sport has captivated the general public, however recently this has not been the case. It seems that baseball has lost its grip on America’s youth. According to an article in the Washington Post, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred agrees, expressing his concern that baseball is losing popularity. Manfred points to the sport’s viewership, dominated by the “50 years and older” demographic, and cites decreasing participation in amateur youth baseball leagues. (more…)

Reader Letter | Pro-choice debate needs civil dialogue, not attacks

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to Diana McCarney in the Oct. 27 issue of The Record.

I’m surprised that McCarney, a college graduate, took the time to verbally attack Faye Williams’ opinion. I understand that this is a religious institution that doesn’t value abortion, but believe it or not, people can have differing opinions on controversial topics. Respect and listen to those that disagree with your beliefs. After all, those are Benedictine values, no? (more…)