Opinion | Sexual assualt goes beyond Harvey Weinstein, men need to stop objectifying women

By Meghan Mullon
[email protected]

Last week, when a discussion amongst acquaintances veered into the territory of politics and the news cycle, I heard something that stunned me. Out of the blue, one man said, “I feel like it’s not a coincidence that all of these harassment accusations are coming out now. This is a systematic attack on men. Now they’re playing the victims to get attention. It’s sick.” (more…)

Opinion | Embrace different opinions to make our society stronger

By Faye Williams
[email protected]

Every person feels entitled to their opinion. Every person has reasons they believe the things they believe. Every person could justify what they believe. And rightfully so. This is the basic function of a human being, to think and to have a reason. I would argue, as well, that it is one of the most beautiful aspects of being a human being, having the ability to formulate an opinion that could make people uncomfortable and fuel an unruly fire of discussion and passion. The feeling of discomfort comes from the unfamiliarity of an opinion that differs than your own. (more…)

Sports Opinion | Ezekiel Elliott is a victim of NFL politics and authority

By Jacob Santiago
[email protected]

After the Dallas Cowboys started the NFL season with a dismal 2-3 record, they have resurfaced as an NFC contender after going 3-0 after their bye week. Arguably, the main cause of this has been due to Ezekiel Elliott leading the way on the ground. Whereas Zeke only scored two touchdowns on the ground through the first five games, he has scored five touchdowns in the last three, and posted back-to-back 100-yard games and capped it off with a 97-yard rushing game against Kansas City at home last Sunday. (more…)