Opinion | ‘I’d do anything to get onto the ice’

By Alexandria Daggett
[email protected]

Hockey provides endless benefits for players, allowing people of all ages to come together, mess around with some buddies and let off steam. As a lifelong player, lacking the time and ability to play on the CSB hockey team, I have sorely missed the sport I have loved so much. I have consistently sought a way to play hockey in my three and a half years at CSB/SJU but have always come up short. This fall, when I heard of the SJU intramural hockey league, I jumped at the opportunity to play. (more…)

Reader Letter | Trustees are dismissing students

Dear Editor,

During the last St. John’s Senate election, there was a question that surprised me and presumably other Bennies and Johnnies.
This question focused on whether or not the student Trustee’s position should be renamed as Trustee Representative. This means the faculty and student representatives on the Board of Trustees have essentially lost all real power on the board by their voting powers being revoked. (more…)

Reader Letter | Fr. Stewart responds to readers’ letter

Dear Editor,

In The Record article “Stewart, HMML featured on 60 Minutes,” about the work of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) the writer cited a remark of mine about the potential danger posed to our own cultural heritage by those I described as “fundamentalist Christians.”
I made this comment after describing the way that Muslim extremists with a narrow and uninformed view of their tradition are attacking not only religious minorities in Iraq and Syria, but their fellow Muslims as well. (more…)

Our View | Bundle up, or pay the price

“Our view” is prepared by the Executive board and should be considered the 
institutional voice of The Record

Meredith Jarchow, Editor-in-Chief — [email protected]
Sean Kelly, Managing Editor — [email protected]
Lydia Farmer, Variety/Managing Editor — [email protected]
Nick Swanson, Opinion/Editorial Editor — [email protected]

This winter has brought record-breaking temperatures and has made many of us question if Minnesota is an inhabitable location for humans. However, some students seem to think they are too cool for the cold.
Spotting students underdressed for the weather is all too common around campus. From walking to class to going to the gym, students do not realize that they are vulnerable to Jack Frost’s grip.
Frostbite and hypothermia are cold-induced conditions that should not be taken lightly. (more…)

Opinion | Local caucuses and elections are vital to create vibrant democracy

By Mackenzie Kuhl
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This past Tuesday, Feb 7, I attended a local caucus and cast my ballot for gubernatorial preference. Sounds all political and scary, right? Well, even as a political science major, I admit I had to think about what exactly “gubernatorial” meant. If you’re wondering what gubernatorial means, it’s having anything to do with the governor, similar to the term presidential. It is a little embarrassing to admit, but ultimately, I showed up.
While there was moderate student attendance, I knew there should and could be more. (more…)