Our View: Senior editors farewell and parting advice

“Our View” is prepared by the Executive board and should be considered the institutional voice of The Record

Megan Flynn, Editor-in-Chief – [email protected]
Hope Mueller, Managing Editor – [email protected]

It’s with mixed emotions that the two of us edited our last issue of The Record as our time comes to a close at CSB/SJU. Our roles as managing editor and editor-in-chief have taught us lessons about writing, editing and responding to feedback (positive and negative alike) in ways that we’ll surely be able to apply as soon as we leave campus. (more…)

Opinion: Opinions on presidents do not reflect their true nature

By Henry Dorgan – [email protected]

It is no secret that we have experienced divisive rhetoric on these campuses within the past few months. However, in nearly every issue of The Record I read, there is an opinion article that offers some sort of criticism of our two presidents, particularly of SJU President Michael Hemesath. Let me be the first to say that we are not only extremely lucky to have the luxury of having two presidents at this institution, but two great people filling those roles as well. (more…)

Opinion: Millennials’ view of freedom of speech is troublesome

By Nick Swanson – [email protected]

The lifeline of this country is built on the idea that one’s own expressions shall not be impeded. It is this full measure of devotion we as citizens of America enjoy. As stated in the Constitution, “Or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” Cast in iron, the words of our founders have come to define us as a people. An idea sprung from the spring of hope was given its chance to flourish in what they had called America. (more…)