Our View: Sprinting into Spring Break, relaxation

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Megan Flynn, Editor-in-Chief – [email protected]
Hope Mueller, Managing Editor – [email protected]
Ellen Bartyzal, Managing Editor – [email protected]
Brendan Klein, Opinion/Editorial Editor – [email protected]

Let’s be honest, spring break cannot come soon enough. Said everyone ever.

We are all ready to begin packing suitcases instead of knowledge for midterms.

In the words of the NBC show Parks and Recreation, it is time to “treat yo’ self.” (more…)

Opinion: “Virgin” sign was hateful and beneath the CSB/SJU community

By Sophi Gorman – [email protected]

I was extremely disappointed when I saw Johnnies holding a sign that had “we hate virgins” written on it at the Bethel/St. John’s basketball game.

Like any other student, I love to have fun and cheer on the Johnnies. I understand that this poster may be perceived as humorous, especially during a high-intensity game. However, this poster crossed a line. (more…)

Opinion: Words matter with gender-inclusive language

By Anna Hueg – [email protected]

What do you mean when you say “you guys?”

If you’re like most people, it’s a seemingly harmless phrase that slips out when you’re casually referring to your friends, colleagues or a group of people. (more…)

Opinion: Catholic Corner: understanding hurt by misconceptions

This is a reoccurring column from a few select writers that will feature issues that pertain to CSB/SJU such as religion, race, gender and politics.

By Jack Barsody – [email protected]

In my opinion as a young Catholic, the problem with our faith is not that it is archaic or out-of-touch, but rather that our most convincing and beautiful revelations are not brought to the forefront of our faith as they should be. Too much time is spent on the “rules,” rather than the development of ourselves or how to look at the entire world through the lens of faith. (more…)

Opinion: Pro-choice club deserves spot on campus regardless of politics

By Nick Swanson – [email protected]

Last week’s edition of “The Record” featured a story about how the administration had denied the request of the formation of a pro-choice club.

My initial reaction was why would the university prevent a group from being created? Then I remembered we are a private Catholic university where insistences of intolerance are not excepted. As we have seen, tolerance at this university was put to the test when the university fecklessly chose not to support or condemn a demonstration that occurred on the Link not so long ago. (more…)

Debate of the Week: Game of Thrones v. Lord of the Rings

By Richard Swanson – [email protected]

Of all the controversial topics that have come out of the first two months of 2017, perhaps the most egregious of them all is hearing that The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) is better than Game of Thrones (GoT). Jon Snow hold me back; I am about to get all Red Wedding up in here! (more…)