Opinion: Conversations about abortion should be about people, not politics

Malia Carson – [email protected]

The culture wars and confusion surrounding abortion shames and marginalizes individuals and couples. Mainstream abortion rhetoric is largely political, polarized and hateful, yet the message painfully ignores the individuals who face and live with making an extremely personal, and often difficult decision to end a pregnancy. (more…)

Opinion: Removal of student Trustees leads to even more “conflicts”

Zach Eichten – [email protected]

It has recently come to the attention of the St. John’s and St. Ben’s Senates that the Boards of Trustees have been deliberating removing both the student and faculty voice from the Board of Trustees. The Student Trustee, an elected position to the Board of Trustees represents the students of St. John’s and St. Ben’s on their respective boards. This position is one of the most valuable and direct connections the students have to voice their concerns to both the administrators and trustees. (more…)

Opinion: Trustees silence student/faculty voice, reasoning unclear

Matt Rengo – [email protected]

In May, the CSB and SJU Boards of Trustees will be voting on a recommendation to remove the student and faculty representatives from their positions on the Boards. Currently, the student Trustees are elected by the students as members of their respective Senates, and charged with the duty of representing the interests of the students at the highest level. Similarly, the Faculty Senate elects representatives to advocate for the interests of the Faculty. Both of these are considered members, with seats at the table and full voting rights. These positions have been in place, in one form or another, since the late 1990s, and have worked for 20 years to represent the interests of the students and the faculty—the two largest stakeholders in the college and university. (more…)

Debate of the Week: Spring vs. fall semester

Suntina Spehar – [email protected]

The reemergence of songbirds, the lengthening of days, the sweet smell of spring and of course, track season. The spring semester is such a beautiful time of the school year. There is nothing better than living on an amazing campus such as ours and watching the trees bloom and the grass turn green. Even the squirrels come out to say “hello.” In the fall semester, we see the degrading of all of these wonderful things. The trees turn bare, the grass fades into a deadly brown, and, keeping our West-Coast friends in mind, it gets frigidly cold. (more…)

Reader’s Letter: Johnnies have the ability to get more involved

Dear Editor,

I appreciated last week’s “Our View” regarding the consistent lack of Johnnie participation compared to Bennies. Although I’ve noticed this to be a trend and an issue that needed to be addressed, I believe there could have been a more convincing message to support your argument while also setting realistic expectations for both CSB and SJU students. (more…)

Opinion: Johnnie Athletics has misleading claim for their “community” video

Miranda Olson – [email protected]

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen the SJU-based media group SSQTCH’s videos. They are clear-cut with unique angles and capture different events on and off campus. As someone who appreciates their work, I was so excited to see St. John’s University Athletics share a video made by SSQTCH. Instantly, when I started watching the video I knew it was an extremely smart move by SJU to incorporate SSQTCH to help with advertising. (more…)