Fifteen years later: remembering SJU’s Joshua Guimond

PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE RECORD ARCHIVES • A search team of the Stearns County Dive team utilized a bloodhound to try and locate Guimond (top). A search team (above) looks for Guimond by boat. He has been missing for over 15 years.

By Ben Pults
[email protected]

Fifteen years ago, then a St. John’s junior, Joshua Guimond vanished without a trace from the St. John’s University campus.

This week marks the 15th year of his disappearance. Loved ones, locals and law enforcement are still no closer to discovering what happened to him on that fateful night many years ago. (more…)

Beyond the paycheck, pt. II

Beyond the paycheck, pt. II

In the second installment of our three-part series on students’ on-campus work experiences and the benefits that they receive, The Record writer Cormac Quinn examines an inside look on dining services from both campuses. Go to page three for the full story.

By Cormac Quinn
[email protected]

Dining Services, satisfying appetites so students can pursue our hunger for knowledge. Some think it isn’t always the most glamorous job; working with food is messy, hot and fast-paced. To be successful requires communication and commitment from the staff at all stages of the process. As one of the largest employers on campus, Dining Services balances employee’s academic life with our community’s need to eat. (more…)

Refugee moratorium proposal shown in St. Cloud

HANNAH SCHWIETZ • [email protected] • The Peace Studies Club encourages students to attend the City Council meeting.

By Charly Frisk
[email protected]

CSB/SJU students are advocating for peace through interacting with the St. Cloud community in mending race relations and promoting nonviolence.

On Nov. 6, the St. Cloud City Council will rule on a moratorium and among the audience will be members of our school community. (more…)

Fall Concert ‘17: Said The Sky a success

PHOTO COURTESY OF JOINT EVENTS COUNCIL • Last Saturday, Oct. 28, EDM artist Said The Sky displayed to CSB/SJU his music and DJ skills. Students were treated to a night full of vibrant lights and music.

By Ben Pults
[email protected]

Last Saturday, Oct. 28, at 9:00 p.m. in the Haehn Campus Center, the Joint Events Council (JEC) hosted the 2017 Fall Concert. The concert began with the opening group HRMNY, and an hour later, Said The Sky took the stage. He flooded the floor with colored beams of light, vibrated attendees’ eardrums with a thumping bass, and provided a level of energy to keep the atmosphere strong. Over 600 students went but JEC is unsure the data was fully collected by the scanners. This number is lower than recent years, perhaps due to the new genre of music.

Project One Cloud fosters unity within St. Cloud community

JILLIAN SCHULZ • [email protected]
Elise Miller (left) and Amanda Lahr (right) display the Project One Cloud logo.

By Bridget Lenczewski
[email protected]

Last year, St. Ben’s senior Hannah Lynch did a capstone project called Project One Cloud in which she conducted a few interviews of members of the St. Cloud community with the aim of encouraging acceptance and open-mindedness for
community members of all different cultures and religions. When she graduated, the CSB/SJU club Enactus, known for its encouragement of student leadership, entrepreneurship and communication skills, chose to continue the project beginning this semester. (more…)