St. Ben’s monastery elects Sister Susan Rudolph as new prioress

By Michael Swearingen – [email protected]

Every six years, the St. Ben’s monastery holds an election to decide who will lead them into the next six years. On Feb. 25, Sister Susan Rudolph was chosen to become prioress by her colleagues.

Elections are taken very seriously at the Order of St. Benedict. There aren’t any campaigns or mudslinging. These elections are decided by deep theological discussion and a dedication to prayer. Each sister examines the characteristics it takes to lead a community of approximately 175 women with grace and the ability to preserve the core teachings of St. Benedict. (more…)

First-year Johnnies to launch bike sharing program

By Sela Weber – [email protected]

Two Johnnies have traded in their entrepreneurial training wheels to start a new campus bike share program.

First-year students Friedrich Odermann and Zach Kennedy began to implement a new bike share program after hearing about Enactus’ previous experimentation with the idea. Kennedy explained how the current bike system provided by the Outdoor Leadership Center (OLC) and Haehn Campus Center (HCC) has many inefficiencies. Students must go to the OLC or HCC during open hours, retrieve a key for a bike and return the bike to the corresponding campus at a time when an employee is working. (more…)

Student Senates host inaugural Leadership Summit

By Mady Johnson – [email protected]

The CSB and SJU Senates hosted the inaugural Student Leadership Summit this past Sunday, Feb. 26 at CSB. Their goal was to connect the diverse range of student leaders on campus and provide them with an opportunity to learn how to lead effectively from their peers as well as from professionals.

Student leaders from all CSB/SJU clubs, organizations and sports teams were invited to attend the six-hour summit that included a team-building activity hosted by JEC, various guest speakers, a provided lunch and small-group breakout sessions. (more…)

Co-op commemorates five years

Co-op commemorates five years

By Samuel P. Butterfass – [email protected]

The Minnesota Street Market is celebrating its fifth anniversary as St. Joseph’s local food and art co-op.

The co-op opened in 2012 after the closure of a local grocery store that had been family-owned for over 100 years. The grocery store, Loso’s, was named after an original settler of St. Joseph, Peter Loso. His son, Martin Loso, opened the store in 1899. (more…)

RAD theater group to perform at Notre Dame Peace Conference

By Katarina Podewils – [email protected]

The Guatemala exchange program offers a fine arts course named “Theatre of the Oppressed” which began in the spring of 2013 and has sparked Bennies and Johnnies to create dialogue within the community this past year.

This Mar. 31 – Apr. 1, a cohort of students who have created a group now called RAD: Reflection. Action. Dialogue., will be performing their interactive piece – which stems from Theatre of the Oppressed  – to the Notre Dame Peace Conference.  (more…)

SJU student leaders address Johnnie behavior on the Link

By Sierra Lammi – [email protected]

Recently, a team of SJU student leaders met in an attempt to improve student behavior on the Link. Johnnie representatives from ROTC, Residential Life, St. John’s Senate, Men’s Development Institute and student athletes came together with Vice President of Student Development Fr. Doug Mullin to discuss ways to discourage inappropriate activities on the Link.

These meetings are not directly in response to the video clip posted a few weeks ago, but senior RA and Residential Life delegate Daniel Zoltek describes the video as the “tipping point” to a well-established problem with student behavior on the bus. (more…)