CSB/SJU Environmental Column | CSB carbon emissions rise, electricity and food consumption to blame

By Margeaux Pederson
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The CSB Sustainability Office released its annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report on April 23.

This is a reoccurring report which investigates the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced from internal and external activities of the College of St. Benedict. The purpose of this data collection and reporting is to have a comprehensive understanding of the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gas the campus releases into the atmosphere through its everyday operations. The results aid in analyzing our contributions across our reporting years, identify key carbon emitters across the campus’ sectors and develop more realistic and inclusive institution sustainable goals in the future. (more…)

CSB/SJU Environmental Column | Environmental columnists say goodbye, but the column lives on

By Cormac Quinn and Sierra Lammi
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This semester was the first where there was an Environmental News section in The Record. It was our honor to create and facilitate this section, a responsibility where the only compensation were readers sending their appreciation. This wouldn’t have been possible without the work of The Record staff and their adviser for their constant support. We’re excited to announce that this will continue next year through the work of proactive and dedicated student volunteers. (more…)

Final McCarthy poll surveys campus life

By Brendan Klein
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Should CSB/SJU be one institution or two? How satisfied are you with housing? What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of CSB/SJU?

These questions may sound familiar to those who participated in the latest McCarthy Center Poll. The McCarthy Center for Civic Engagement and Public Policy—the student-run civic engagement and public policy center based in Simons Hall—conducted what they hope will be an annual survey of student opinion on local issues pertaining to CSB/SJU. (more…)

Senior project creates lasting change in Flynntown

By Makenzie Horrigan
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“Why wouldn’t people compost at SJU?”

SJU senior Cormac Quinn, environmental studies major, asked that question for his senior thesis. Through his research, he quickly discovered nobody was composting because there was no compost program available at SJU. Quinn decided to bring change to campus by implementing the Flynntown Compost Service for students living in the Flynntown Apartments.

“There’s a perception that Johnnies don’t care, and I don’t want that to be true. I wanted Johnnies to have the option to make sustainable choices on campus,” Quinn said. (more…)