New club, United Politics, bursts political bubbles

PHOTO COURTESY OF UNITED POLITICS FACEBOOK PAGE • United Politics’ goal is to provide a voice for members, regardless of political affiliation.

By Charly Frisk
[email protected]

A new club at CSB/SJU, United Politics, encourages political dialogue between students of all political beliefs.

In recent years, many headlines of newspaper articles, subjects of tweets and rants on Facebook discuss a “divided nation.” Thus, with massive amounts of the “fake news”, it easily may seem as though the United States has become so divided that its people can no longer hold a fruitful conversation without the discussion exploding into a screaming argument. Depending on the family, you may have experienced such fervent explosions throughout your Thanksgiving dinner. (more…)

MPR host Garrison Keillor fired for sexual misconduct

The Record Staff Report

In recent national news, many notable figures including politicians, actors and journalists have been accused of sexual assault and harassment. This past Wednesday, Garrison Keillor had his contracts terminated by Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) after allegations of misconduct. (more…)

ETL’s next documentary a work in progress

PHOTOS COURTESY OF ETL’S FACEBOOK PAGE • ETL works on filming their next production with a member of the Red Lake Nation Band of Chippewa Indians (above). The ETL logo is featured below.

By Gabe Hance
[email protected]

With over 20 different majors, 18 members and hundreds of different ideas,
passions and strong opinions on condiments, the documentarians of Extending the Link (ETL) chose water for their 11th annual featured documentary topic. (more…)

Question & Answer interview with St. Joseph Police Chief Joel Klein

SAMUEL BUTTERFASS • [email protected] • St. Joseph Police Chief Joel Klein is hard at work in his office. Chief Klein has worked harder this year to manage St. Joseph by increasing police force and stricter law enforcement.

By Samuel Butterfass
[email protected]

Police Chief Joel Klein graduated from SJU in 1997 and started his career in law enforcement in 1998 in Albany, MN. He began his work with the St. Joe Police Department as a part time officer in 2001. He started full time in 2004. Klein has been the Police Chief of St. Joe since August of 2013. This semester, the St. Joe Police Department has bumped up enforcement in the community in an effort to cut down on complaints and incidents. (more…)

CSB/SJU among highest in sexual assault cases

By Cormac Quinn and Sierra Lammi
[email protected] • [email protected]

CSB/SJU had the most sexual assaults reported on campus of any private Minnesota college in 2015, with 21 reports— placing CSB/SJU with the second most reports in the state behind only the University of Minnesota. The report was released last year, and soon the Minnesota Office of Higher Education will release the data for 2016, although the administration does not expect the data to change much. This data is released in the midst of national focus on sexual assault reports, with the most recent concerning the firing of Garrison Keillor from MPR due to sexual misconduct charges. Back at CSB/SJU, the number of sexual assault cases has risen in recent years, but faculty members said that the numbers may not tell the whole story. (more…)