St. John’s Senate Update | Residential Life addresses Record opinion regarding housing

By Emma Culhane
[email protected]

The meeting of the St. John’s Senate (SJS) began with representatives of Residential Life coming in to talk to the senate about a recent opinion article that was printed in The Record regarding housing on the St. John’s campus.

The representatives came in searching for some feedback from the senate about how to go about housing for next year. Due to the low enrollment for SJU the past few years, residential life has only been able to allow a certain number of students to get off-campus housing. This means that more seniors will have to live on campus and fewer juniors to get the housing in the apartments that they want. (more…)

St. Ben’s Senate Update | Senators maintain support for cancelling MLK Day classes

By Alec Boedigheimer
[email protected]

On the first day of spring, Wednesday, March 20, the St. Ben’s Senate (SBS) reconvened to discuss ongoing business, talk about the upcoming schedule and hold an open forum.

With the year coming to a close, the senate’s waning budget was discussed. Although it currently stands at $5,314.18, it has grown approximately $2,000 since the last meeting because of an error from last year’s
carry-over finances. It was voiced by some senators that the remaining budget should be spent within this academic year in order to benefit the current students that have paid into the fund. (more…)

JEC releases Neon Trees as Pines headliner

By Brianna Steigauf
[email protected]

JEC announced the headliner for Pines 2019, Neon Trees, on Friday, March 15, The announcement followed a release party which featured a performance by local rock band Guytano.

Neon Trees is an American rock band from Utah whose singles “Animal” and “Everybody Talks” both cracked the Billboard Hot 100. (more…)

CSB/SJU Environmental Column | Tax would limit plastic consumption

By Cormac Quinn
[email protected]

Plastic pollution is a modern and pervasive problem with its longevity in the environment creating consequences for decades to come.

Reducing the use of plastic bags through supplying alternatives or restricting access have had varied success. A growing number of states, countries and international bodies have taken the initiative to minimize the flow of plastic waste into the environment. Studies on plastic bag taxes have found consumers adapt their routine to incorporate a reusable bag without feeling disgruntled. The SJU Senate Sustainability Committee is hoping to implement a plastic bag tax oncampus this semester.

CSB/SJU Environmental Column | CSB limits plastic, SJU stagnates

By Sierra Lammi
[email protected]

While plastics are in almost every product we buy, students will not find plastic bags or plastic water bottles for sale at CSB dining centers.

Plastic is a relatively cheap material to create products with, as opposed to using glass or paper, so it is very common in the manufacturing world. However, in 2011 several CSB organizations including the CSB Senate, CSB Cabinet and CSB Sustainability Council decided that plastic water bottles would no longer be sold on campus.

Snow removal costs explained

By Lydia Glen
[email protected]

With record snowfall in February, the costs of snow removal are record-worthy too.

In winter, the grounds crew on each campus is tasked with keeping the paths around campus free of snow and ice. Compared to spring, summer and fall, the winter is a more reactionary season. In the event of a snow storm, the grounds crew works around the clock to make the roads and paths passable on campus, regardless of their regularly scheduled workdays.