READER LETTER: New bus stop at Alcuin is complete swing and miss

Dear Editor,

At the beginning of the year, many students were “treated” to the news that there would be a new stop for The Link at SJU. This new stop is located at Alcuin Library and only runs at night.

When I first read about this, I thought it was different but not bad. However, I was wrong. It is safe to say that the new Alcuin stop is nothing short of a complete swing and miss by the administration.

I believe that they envisioned it as a new advertisement for the expensive expansion of the library. What they failed to see, however, was how
students would respond to this new stop. The stop is nowhere near any SJU housing or Sexton, which are the most frequented areas by students. Thus, it is completely out of the way for all students living or visiting SJU.

CSB has multiple bus stops because their housing is more spread out than SJU’s is. The Flynntown and Sexton stops are perfect middle grounds for every SJU student to get to wherever they need to be.

Now, any SJU student is required to trek across the entire campus to make it back to their housing. While this journey may seem easy and short, extreme weather, such as a blizzard, will make it extremely difficult, especially for students who have to carry lots of books.

We as a student body need to let the administration know that this stop is a failure, and must be eliminated.


Adam Schwartz ’20

SJU sophomore

READER LETTER: Our actions at Johnnie/Tommie will show our true school pride

Dear Editor,

This weekend, tens of thousands of guests will visit Target Field to celebrate community, sportsmanship and the legendary Johnnie Tommie
rivalry. As we look forward to game day, please be mindful that our individual and collective actions will have a powerful influence on the perception of our community.

Before the game, please be prepared for the influx of people to Target Field and any difficulties which may come with the crowds. The policies of Target Field are different than those of Clemens Field, and we ask the community’s understanding and respect of those policies.

During the game on Saturday, we have the opportunity to show the world what it means to be a Bennie and a Johnnie, and behavior will determine the norm for future members of the student body. We ask each Bennie and Johnnie to strive for an excellent standard of conduct, being appropriate and respectful in our chants, clothing and behavior.

The incredible reputation that CSB/SJU embodies is a result of our respectful, hospitable, and caring community. Former alumni and future students are looking up to you, the students, to present ourselves in a fun, energetic, respectful manner.

We encourage students to rise to the challenge this weekend and to celebrate this rivalry responsibly so that all members and guests at the game can have a weekend we can positively reflect upon for years to come. Thank you all and go Johnnies!


Mary Catherine Steenberge

President, SBS

CSB senior


Jack Cummings

President, SJS

SJU senior

OUR VIEW: Active readership fosters a better paper

“Our view” is prepared by the Executive board and should be considered the institutional voice of The Record.

By Meredith Jarchow, Sean Kelly, Brett Zallek and Nick Swanson

As students are settling into their class schedules and first-years are learning their way around campus, it can only mean one thing: The Record’s first issue is here. Welcome back.

We are a student newspaper, but one of our enduring goals of the editorial board is to strive for the same journalistic integrity of major publications such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. Our biggest challenge is often producing journalism and not crossing into the realm of public relations.

Public relations, when done well, is clean cut. The goal is to make a group, company or institution look good, to put it simply.

Journalism is messier than that. It includes tracking down both sides of the story, and holding members of our community accountable. Our job at The Record involves taking an objective, well-rounded approach to the issues that matter to our campuses.

That is not to say that we are perfect.

At CSB/SJU, we often pride ourselves on being an interconnected campus. While this often has a positive influence on student life, it can become an obstacle in producing an unbiased paper. We try our best to hold ourselves to high journalistic standards. We hope that you—the reader—will do so too.

We hope that you will write a Letter to the Editor under our Readers’ Letters section when you feel that The Record has fallen short. We believe that this open line of communication and transparency will make us better journalists and consequently we will have a more informed campus.

The Record is more than just 11 students staying up until 4 a.m. on Wednesday nights. This is your paper, too. We are simply a vehicle to deliver the news in the hopes that we will foster dialogue among the members of our community.

So write to us. Tell us what is wrong on campus. Tell us what is right. We want to hear your side of the story.

Reader Letter: Benedictine values show that further discussion is needed in trustee vote

Dear Editor,

Like many others I remain seriously concerned about the proposed decision. I have exchanged with both presidents about the issue, voicing my concerns as a junior faculty member that joined CSB/SJU three years ago in large part because of its healthy shared governance practices. And I dearly appreciate the sensitive concern that both presidents personally showed by quickly reaching out to me. (more…)

Our View: Senior editors farewell and parting advice

“Our View” is prepared by the Executive board and should be considered the institutional voice of The Record

Megan Flynn, Editor-in-Chief – [email protected]
Hope Mueller, Managing Editor – [email protected]

It’s with mixed emotions that the two of us edited our last issue of The Record as our time comes to a close at CSB/SJU. Our roles as managing editor and editor-in-chief have taught us lessons about writing, editing and responding to feedback (positive and negative alike) in ways that we’ll surely be able to apply as soon as we leave campus. (more…)