Reader Letter | Sexual assault allegations lead to hypocrisy

Dear Editor,

With the recent influx of sexual assault allegations, I have noticed a particular hypocrisy among many Americans when it comes to those who are accused. Specifically, those who would call for Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s resignation, but show little indignation at similar accusations involving Republican Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore of Alabama, or even the leader of the free world: President Donald Trump. (more…)

Our View | Bennie or Blazer? Confusion over branding of CSB Athletics branding

“Our view” is prepared by the Executive board and should be considered the
institutional voice of The Record

By Meredith Jarchow, Sean Kelly, Brett Zallek and Nick Swanson

When referring to friends and alumni, we regularly use “Bennie” and “Johnnie” as identifiers. However, there has been some confusion as of late when referring to our Bennie sports teams. (more…)

Reader Letter | Johnnies should care about gender issues

Dear Editor,

I care deeply about St. Ben’s and St. John’s, and about each individual who comes here.

One of the biggest reasons why is here at CSB/SJU, students have incredible opportunities to discover and engage in their passions. In my time here, I have gotten to do and learn a great deal, and much of that learning has come from the passions and interests of other students. (more…)

Reader Letter | Don’t grow complacent on the environment

Dear Editor,

I participated in the Watch Your Waste Challenge last week as part of the Week of Sustainability, collecting the trash I generate instead of throwing it away. It was meant to demonstrate how much waste we export beyond our peripheries, but instead, highlighted an achievement for students at SJU: this was the first time they have access to organics recycling. (more…)

Reader Letter | CSB Residential Life addresses concerns

Dear Editor,

The CSB Residential Life professional staff would like to acknowledge formally and respond to the “Beyond the Paycheck” series article discussing our department and the experience of our student staff. We view ourselves as
educators with a deep commitment to our continued learning and development, as well as that of our students. We want to acknowledge that implicit and explicit bias is a real part of life on this campus, especially for underrepresented students. We also want to validate the experiences of our hard-working student staff members and the perceptions that they have of our department. (more…)