History Column | Stella Maris Chapel, a history of its beginnings

COURTESY OF SJU SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY • Above is a postcard image of Stella Maris Chapel.

By Steph Haeg
[email protected]

There might be a dusting of snow on the ground, but that doesn’t mean that the view of Stella Maris is any less breathtaking during the winter. The Chapel Walk is a time honored tradition here at CSB/SJU, but why is there a chapel out on the other side of the lake? (more…)

Sports Opinion | Ezekiel Elliott is a victim of NFL politics and authority

By Jacob Santiago
[email protected]

After the Dallas Cowboys started the NFL season with a dismal 2-3 record, they have resurfaced as an NFC contender after going 3-0 after their bye week. Arguably, the main cause of this has been due to Ezekiel Elliott leading the way on the ground. Whereas Zeke only scored two touchdowns on the ground through the first five games, he has scored five touchdowns in the last three, and posted back-to-back 100-yard games and capped it off with a 97-yard rushing game against Kansas City at home last Sunday. (more…)

Reader Letter | Donald Trump has utterly failed the American people

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article in the most recent issue of The Record that talked about student’s reactions to Donald Trump’s presidency. I believe it is time for Republicans on this campus, and across the nation, to admit that Donald Trump has utterly failed. This country is worse off in every metric. Our country is more divided than it was a year ago, and our reputation as a leader is worse than it was a year ago. (more…)

Reader Letter | Stop cherry-picking Benedictine values

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter not in response to any particular opinion I have seen expressed on campus, but rather many. It seems like whenever an argument is made, there is always an effort to tie it back to one (or more) Benedictine values. While they are a helpful guide what we want to model our community here at CSB/SJU after, I believe they are becoming a bit of a buzzword with issues on campus.  (more…)