Opinion | Embrace different opinions to make our society stronger

By Faye Williams
[email protected]

Every person feels entitled to their opinion. Every person has reasons they believe the things they believe. Every person could justify what they believe. And rightfully so. This is the basic function of a human being, to think and to have a reason. I would argue, as well, that it is one of the most beautiful aspects of being a human being, having the ability to formulate an opinion that could make people uncomfortable and fuel an unruly fire of discussion and passion. The feeling of discomfort comes from the unfamiliarity of an opinion that differs than your own. (more…)

Review | Milk and Honey Ciders

KATARINA PODEWILS • [email protected] • Milk and Honey Cider offers a wide variety of fresh pressed ciders to try.

Junior The Record editor Katarina Podewils reviews drinks from Milk and Honey Ciders

By Katarina Podewils
[email protected]

Many may not know that there is a hidden gem found here in St. Joseph, and that gem’s name is Milk and Honey Ciders.

Milk and Honey Ciders, previously located in Cold Spring, opened a new
taproom in St. Joseph this past August. According to co-owner Peter Gillitzer, the decision to move appeared to be more fruitful for business. (more…)

Television Series Review | Binge worthy science fiction shows for Thanksgiving break

JILLIAN SCHULZ • [email protected] • Thanksgiving break gives students the chance to catch up on some much needed Neflix or Hulu binging.

By Meredith Jarchow
[email protected]

Thanksgiving is a time for family, football and food. But it’s also a time to avoid your grandma asking why you haven’t met a nice young man yet, or your Uncle Steve bringing up uncomfortable political topics.

My suggestion? Hide yourself away in your room and binge watch that Netflix or Hulu series you’ve been meaning to, while also avoiding homework. (more…)

C Mod class offered for first time

By Mollee Girgen
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Bystander No More is a C Mod class that was added to the course listings for Fall 2017. The course listing states, “This course will introduce students to tools and intellectual frameworks for navigating situations when speaking up in
community seems hard. Biblical, theological and Benedictine readings and film will be used to explore models of community, solidarity and respect for all persons. Students will consider constructive means for moving from inaction to active participation in communal transformation.” (more…)