Students create mural for Link bus

Students create mural for Link bus

By Grace Kilgore – [email protected]

One of the Link buses is getting a new paint job.

CSB/SJU students in a Latino/Latin American Studies course came up with the idea to put a mural on the outside of the Link. (more…)

Our View: Senior editors farewell and parting advice

“Our View” is prepared by the Executive board and should be considered the institutional voice of The Record

Megan Flynn, Editor-in-Chief – [email protected]
Hope Mueller, Managing Editor – [email protected]

It’s with mixed emotions that the two of us edited our last issue of The Record as our time comes to a close at CSB/SJU. Our roles as managing editor and editor-in-chief have taught us lessons about writing, editing and responding to feedback (positive and negative alike) in ways that we’ll surely be able to apply as soon as we leave campus. (more…)

Trustees to vote on removal of student, faculty votes

By Hanna Pioske – [email protected]

After students have left campus, the CSB and SJU Boards of Trustees will each vote on whether to remove their student and faculty representatives. The upcoming votes, on May 22, have been contentious, and student and faculty groups alike have been active in protesting the move. (more…)

Faculty to vote on new common curriculum

By Morgan McCormack – [email protected]

After interviews with a majority of the faculty departments, the Joint Faculty Senate (JFS) found the current Common Curriculum was not meeting the needs of the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University students. (more…)

Cooking with Kainz: Recipes that will take your leftovers from drab to fab

By Taylor Kainz • [email protected]

As we are nearing the end of the semester, most of us are trying to cut down on making any more trips to the grocery store.  However, most of us are sick and tired of eating PB&J and a cup of soup for every meal. Here are some recipes to take the mundane out of the leftover boxes of pasta, packets of ramen and stranded bags of vegetables hiding away in the back of the freezer. (more…)