Our View | Cultural change must follow #MeToo trend

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The #MeToo movement began when actress Alyssa Milano tweeted the now omnipresent phrase last October. While the phrase peeled layers of silence off an issue that has always existed, the breadth of which was never imagined.
While many know of the #MeToo movement, the origins have been forgotten. In 1997, Tarana Burke was a camp director when a young girl told her how her stepfather repeatedly abused her. Burke was hesitant to say it when meeting with the young girl, and thus whispered to herself the phrase which sparked the #MeToo movement. She went on to found Just Be Inc. which helps victims of sexual abuse. Burke forged the key which unlocked the voices of millions of victims to seek hope through unity. (more…)

Opinion | Secondary education minors do not receive the credit they deserve

By Luke Olley
[email protected]

All too often, education students are depicted as having easy classes full of coloring assignments and reading children’s books. While it is true that our classes may not be as intellectually demanding as other majors, we are preparing for a career full of challenges.
We have to meet educational standards set by politicians who know nothing about teaching. We have to individually tailor instruction to students with specific needs, along with teaching the general population for moderate to low pay. And to be honest, I’m okay with that. That is what I signed up for, and I cannot wait to teach. (more…)

Opinion | Abortion debate shows Democrats’ hypocrisy

By Ryan Reiter
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Two weeks ago, the U.S. Senate failed to pass a bill regarding late-term abortions. Under the bill, the legal age of a fetus to be aborted would be set at 20 weeks under federal law.
This bill was filibustered by Democrats, and the Republicans could not get enough votes in the Senate to override the filibuster. This ban would have been a huge step in the pro-life direction, as any limitation on abortion is a win for them. And of course it is unconstitutional for a complete ban on abortion nowadays due to the Roe v. Wade decision, so pro-lifers have to take advantage of any opportunity they are presented with, even if it isn’t everything they want. (more…)

Opinion | ‘I’d do anything to get onto the ice’

By Alexandria Daggett
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Hockey provides endless benefits for players, allowing people of all ages to come together, mess around with some buddies and let off steam. As a lifelong player, lacking the time and ability to play on the CSB hockey team, I have sorely missed the sport I have loved so much. I have consistently sought a way to play hockey in my three and a half years at CSB/SJU but have always come up short. This fall, when I heard of the SJU intramural hockey league, I jumped at the opportunity to play. (more…)