Reader’s Letter: Johnnies have the ability to get more involved

Dear Editor,

I appreciated last week’s “Our View” regarding the consistent lack of Johnnie participation compared to Bennies. Although I’ve noticed this to be a trend and an issue that needed to be addressed, I believe there could have been a more convincing message to support your argument while also setting realistic expectations for both CSB and SJU students. (more…)

FiRED Up Friday campaign seeks to bring unity to both campuses

FiRED Up Friday campaign seeks to bring unity to both campuses

Meredith Jarchow – [email protected]

Get FiRED Up.

This past Friday, March 31, Professor Dana Drazenovich’s Advanced Media Writing class along with the Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) launched the FiRED Up Friday campaign, which is an effort to build unity among all Bennies and Johnnies, as well as staff , faculty, alumnae/i and monastics by wearing red apparel on Fridays. (more…)

Triple suites to be offered in Tommy

Triple suites to be offered in Tommy

Samuel P. Butterfass – [email protected]

Rising SJU sophomores and juniors may notice something new during housing selection next week. For the first time, triple rooms will be available to select on the first floor of Tommy Hall.

On Monday, March 27, funding was approved to create four three-person suites and a student lounge on the first floor of the hall. (more…)

Preparing for Case Day

Preparing for Case Day

Hope Mueller – [email protected]

On Case Day this year, both campuses are calling for backup.

Case Day, a non-school-sanctioned event during which many students attempt to drink a whole case of beer in a day, is widely recognized on and off campus. (more…)

Opinion: Johnnie Athletics has misleading claim for their “community” video

Miranda Olson – [email protected]

If you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen the SJU-based media group SSQTCH’s videos. They are clear-cut with unique angles and capture different events on and off campus. As someone who appreciates their work, I was so excited to see St. John’s University Athletics share a video made by SSQTCH. Instantly, when I started watching the video I knew it was an extremely smart move by SJU to incorporate SSQTCH to help with advertising. (more…)