About Us

The Record is the official student newspaper of the College of Saint Benedict (since 2000) and St. John’s University (since 1888). The Record reserves the right to free speech. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the student body, faculty, or of the CSB/SJU administration.No part of this publication may be reproduced in any from without written consent from its editors.The Record does not necessarily promote the products or services it advertises, and it reserves the right to refuse advertising space.

The Record is printed weekly at North Star Media.The Record is a member of the Association of College Presses and the Minnesota Newspaper Association. Advertisements are welcome. Contact our advertising department by phone or e-mail and look at our website for more info (csbsjurecord.com/advertise).

We welcome visitors to the office on Wednesday nights. Please feel free to stop by Guild Hall (the Old Gym) room 101 by the U.S. Post Office.

One (1) copy per person is free on the campuses of CSB/SJU and in select locations in St. Joseph, MN. Additional copies are available at $0.50 a copy.