Dear Editor,

When you saw this title, your first thought was probably that I am a Republican trying to bash the other side.

Although understandable, this actually highlights how shallow the U.S. political system is. We cannot conceptualize critiques coming from anywhere but the opposing team, or that there could possibly be other teams out there.

In the U.S., the boundaries of politics expression extend only as far as the two parties allow. And this narrowing of the political spectrum leads to a narrowing of possibilities—possibilities of thought and possibilities of action. So what ideas do we lose when we subscribe to this system? We lose the ability to meaningfully critique capitalism and the effects it has on our society and the world at large.

We lose the ability to challenge western imperialism and the exploitation of the global south. And we lose the ability to see progress as achievable through anything but voting. Democrats won’t touch these issues. But we can. I am currently creating the “Economic Justice” club, a place for people to discuss issues often labeled “too far left.”

We will discuss critiques of capitalism, economic inequality, the exploitation of marginalized groups and the working class and how imperialism is still shaping our world. Remember, change comes from challenging the system.


Alex Holt, ’21

SJU junior